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DD gone right off everything!

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CountessDracula Tue 09-Aug-05 17:58:12

My dd almost 3 has suddenly stopped liking pretty much all food, even stuff she loved before. It is a real effort to get her to eat anything (except ice cream which she will always eat!) I have tried so many things and she just keeps turning it all away. She is by no means too thin, definitely getting thinner but maybe she is just going through a phase I reckon. Should I bother to row about it or just accept it? I don't want to make matters worse by forcing the issue.

CountessDracula Wed 10-Aug-05 13:02:20


suzywong Wed 10-Aug-05 13:04:49

well since you ask, and this if from a woman who's 2 year old will only eat dry food, the stress and hassle of a row is not worth it. It's a power trip they are on, simple as that (well in ds2's case it may be the last of his teeth giving him jip, but YKWIM)


not much use but I didn't want you to feel neglected

BTW, how did your old dad's stay go?

oliveoil Wed 10-Aug-05 13:07:22

dd1 will only eat dry food as well . I struggle to get anything down somedays, so just whisk the plate away and scream silently in the kitchen for someone to take me away. Then go back in and let her have a banana or apple, don't give any alternative.

Then, just as you are at depressions door, they eat everything for a month to keep you on your toes!

soapbox Wed 10-Aug-05 13:10:52

Both mine went through a phase like this - they gradually started eating a good variety again although with DD there are quite a few foods that never did make it back onto the menu, like smoked salmon and mayonaise (how can anyone not like mayonaise).

I would just keep offering tiny portions of things you know she used to eat and see if she starts taking them again!

CountessDracula Wed 10-Aug-05 14:39:14

soapbox I hate mayonnaise!

DD is the real freak though, she detests chocolate! How weird is that?

Suzy he is being remarkably good actually, thanks for asking.

moondog Wed 10-Aug-05 14:42:52

My 4 year old has gone a little odd (I blame a short period in her nursery when the luscious young French chef who was rustling up tartes aux pommes and poulet rotis every day was replaced by a charmless chav who began opening catering sized tins of baked beans with a little too much enthusiasm).

I am however,ruthless. If she doesn't eat either goes in the bin or into the fridge for next time.

soapbox Wed 10-Aug-05 14:43:15

CD what do you dip your chips in then?????

CountessDracula Thu 11-Aug-05 15:58:24

<whispers> actually I'm not a big fan of chips

Eulalia Fri 12-Aug-05 18:41:29

Am going through this with ds who has just turned 6 and was triggered by him losing 2 of his baby teeth. As he is autistic its really hard as once he gets something into his head its hard for him to change. He stopped eating all fruit and veg almost overnight and he used to eat a lot, 3-5 portions a day.

The only thing that I can suggest is someone else encouraging her to eat. It is amazing what a child will eat in a different place. Also my ds announced today that he wanted a watermelon because it was on Little Cook Big Cook so sometimes watching programmes like that can help. Not got the watermelon yet so don't know if it has worked for us. We are just struggling along with apple/orange/peach juice which is better than nothing but hoping school will help next week to get him back on track.

Good luck.

JOSIE3 Sat 13-Aug-05 12:02:23

I've found that peer pressure (playdates), TV and cooking themselves all work a treat.

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