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This week I 'AVE been mostly eating...........................

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SPARKLER1 Tue 09-Aug-05 16:53:22

I'm not pregnant but I still get weekly cravings for different things. This week it's Tangy Cheese Doritos. Yummity.

What's yours?

SPARKLER1 Wed 10-Aug-05 09:47:10


sweetkitty Wed 10-Aug-05 09:48:00

erm Twix's (am pregnant!!!)

cerys Wed 10-Aug-05 09:49:43

I am just eating anything in sight at the moment, and then moaning cos I am fat as a pig. My latest weakness is buttered toast at about 10pm, even though I am not really hungry. I don't know why I am doing this, as I am definitely NOT pregnant, but I look like I am

MaloryTowers Wed 10-Aug-05 09:51:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

munz Wed 10-Aug-05 09:54:41

salads and i'm PG!

basketcase Wed 10-Aug-05 09:57:31

rhubarb muffins
not pregnant but can’t stop making and eating these...

Mum2girls Wed 10-Aug-05 09:59:06

Basketcase - we have loads of rhubarb in the garden - any chance you could post the recipe for the muffins?

colditz Wed 10-Aug-05 10:24:14

Whole meal toast with real butter, the toast being a vehicle for the butter, really....

I am pregnant, but that is only an excuse.

PeachyClair Wed 10-Aug-05 10:33:39

crispbread with soup , don't want to gain weight next week when I go camping (WW weigh in a few days after my return), so being good.

Lizzylou Wed 10-Aug-05 10:42:57

Fruit Musesli with yoghurt adn blueberries straight from the punnet...
last week it was coronation chicken sandwiches so glad my pregnant body is getting a bit healthier!

ABow Wed 10-Aug-05 11:23:51

bbq flavour hula hoops

dyzzidi Wed 10-Aug-05 11:57:44

Strawberries! seem to want teh m all the time although a couple of weeks ago it was Cherries.

This pregnancy stuff is great for having what you wnat. DP is taking me to an indian restaurant tonight so i can eat masses of mango chutney.

basketcase Fri 12-Aug-05 08:57:02

Ready to please - here is my rhubarb muffin recipe. Fresh rhubarb is ideal for this recipe but you can used well drained tinned rhubarb if out of season. Summer berries or peaches work well too.

10 oz/280g plain flour
2 tsp/10 ml baking powder
.5 tsp/2.5ml soda bicarb
.5 tsp/2.5ml salt
3-4oz/85-110g gran sugar - I use golden but white is fine
1-2oz/30-60g flaked almonds (optional adult one)
1 egg
5 fl oz/150ml milk
5 fl oz/150ml fresh sour cream
.5 tsp almond essence (optional)
3 tbsp corn oil (sunflower,veg oil is ok)
5-6oz/140-170g rhubarb (or peaches/summer berries) chopped well

1 prepare larger style muffin tin and papers, preheat oven 190-200c
2. in one bowl mix up all the dry stuff - big bowl
3. In another mix all the wet and fruit
4. Pour wet into dry and mix together. Batter will be lumpy but no floury bits, all wet
5. Spoon into muffin cases, bake for 20-25 mins (less if smaller bun tins). Frozen fruit will require a little longer. Tops should be brown and a little springy
6. Leave to cool in tins, sprinkle a little sugar over the tops while still warm so it sticks

If not using almonds, I sometimes add a little vanilla essence/vanilla sugar with the rhubarb, have used a little orange juice with the milk and sometimes add cinnamon as I love the smell. Just adapt it as you would any recipe. It is quick and easy, my kids love getting messy - one wet bowl for the eldest, the dry bowl for the youngest and they love slopping it all together..

If you don’t want little lumps of rhubarb in the muffins to taste, whiz the batter in a food processor quickly to break it down a bit. My kids "hate" rhubarb but they don’t even know it is in there - just makes a lovely moist muffin.

I have a great cocoa and courgette recipe as well - you would never ever guess there is courgette in there and is a relatively low fat, low sugar way of making moist choc muffins.

Raspberry Fri 12-Aug-05 08:59:06

bacon sandwiches (from the canteen at 10.00am) only another hour to go!

niceglasses Fri 12-Aug-05 09:01:09

Toast with peanut butter. Million calories per square inch I think.

harpsichordcarrier Fri 12-Aug-05 09:11:52

party rings! two packs for £1, bargain.
next door keep giving me fresh vegetables from their garden - runner beans! marrows! - and so far I have managed happily to give them all away
lazy pregnant woman...

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