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How do you get a jelly out of a mould in one piece?

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Lonelymum Mon 08-Aug-05 18:35:49

This is a perennial problem for me. Ds1 loves jelly and loves making them himself. I have two very old glass jelly moulds and a plastic mould in the shape of a car. I can sometimes get the jelly out of the glass moulds by dipping the moulds in hot water, but the plastic mould defeats me. Ds1 has just stormed off because I have ruined his latest jelly in attempting to remove it. What is the secret? I know about dipping the moulds in hot water, but do you dip it for more or less time if the mould is plastic as opposed to glass? I also know about running a knife around the top to loosen the jelly but this doesn't seem to help. Anyone know what I should try next?

Twiglett Mon 08-Aug-05 18:37:53

could you try turning it upside down on a plate and placing a tea-towel (previously soaked in hot water) over the top of it?


starlover Mon 08-Aug-05 18:38:03

have you tried putting it on a plate and wobbling it around (after the knife and the hot water)

Lonelymum Mon 08-Aug-05 20:53:53

I have tried the wobbling around bit and poking with knife but I just end up cutting the thing up. Will try the tea towel idea next time.

Anyone else got the foolproof method?

Milliways Mon 08-Aug-05 20:55:39

I used to turn our (mickey mouse) mould over, tap it & leave it. Eventually it fell out

edodgy Mon 08-Aug-05 20:56:18

Aren't you meant to do something with hot water to it like put it on a plate run hot tap water over it remove it from under the tap then it should come off easily, I really dont know how I know that but might be worth a try!

Lonelymum Mon 08-Aug-05 21:01:31

Gravity just results in a bit falling away and (today) ds1 storming off refusing to eat it as I had ruined his masterpiece!

Edodgy, I tried the hot water bit, but it never seems to work on my plastic mould....

loobywoof Mon 08-Aug-05 21:06:44

I think you are supposed to make sure the mould is wet with water inside before you pour the jelly in. That's what I remember my mum doing - we had the car jelly mould too!

Lonelymum Mon 08-Aug-05 21:18:47

loobywoof, right that is something new for me to try.

Twiglett Tue 09-Aug-05 08:15:10

also if its breaking up try adding a little less water when you make it so its less wobbly

AdrienneMarchand Fri 07-Nov-14 18:34:53

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