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Help! Ideas please....

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CaptainCavemansMummy Mon 08-Aug-05 10:30:50

My 15mo ds has started vomiting spectacularly every time he sits in his high chair. He will then go on to eat his meal no probs. It started about 4 weeks ago when he would gag on and off at the start of a meal, but accelerated to near total stomach emptying about 4 days ago (coinciding with a tummy bug).
Spoke to HV who suggests feeding him in a different place (ie. on my knee), but can't keep him still! Anybody got any ideas what else I might try??
Phsyically he's fine, no other signs of illness but will take him to GP if still doing this in 48 hours!

SoupDragon Mon 08-Aug-05 10:42:29

A booster seat at the table? Does he do it before you give him any food?

CaptainCavemansMummy Mon 08-Aug-05 10:54:02

Yes, he does it either just before he sees the food or just after!
He eats most things we give him without a problem - just seems to be the association of starting a meal in the high chair.
I will certainly try a booster seat, thanks for that SD

albert Mon 08-Aug-05 11:36:19

Does he have a car seat? Could you feed him in that? Obviusly in the kitchen though, not in the car

CaptainCavemansMummy Mon 08-Aug-05 11:42:06

I'm going to start with trying a booster seat - need something that doesn't need putting in the washing machine after it's been drenched in baby vom. (thank heavens for wipe clean surfaces!)
If all else fails I may resort to feeding him in the car

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