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Need Inspiration - Cooking for a chef!

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Springchicken Mon 08-Aug-05 10:21:08

My DB and SIL are round for dinner at the weekend, both are trained Chefs and needless to say I am struggling to come up with something to cook.

I enoy cooking and aren't too bad at it, so don't mind trying something different, but have been wracking my brain for days with no luck.

Can anyone suggest anything, we are all big meat lovers so smething meaty would be nice

SoupDragon Mon 08-Aug-05 10:22:25

Personally, I'd go with a good quality roast dinner.

Springchicken Mon 08-Aug-05 10:23:02

Did think of that Soupy but not sure i can handle all the dishes afterwards!!!

suzywong Mon 08-Aug-05 10:29:13

Beef Salad Nicoise

roast your favourite joint of beef, slice very very thinly and serve at room temperature over a salad of Cos lettuce, quartered vine tomatoes, blanched green beans, red onion rings, good black olives and quartered boiled eggs. Make vinagrette dressing 4parts oil to one part vinegar and add a half a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of horseradish. Heat the roasting juices, strained of fat and pour over the top too, serve it all on your biggest platter.

That's what I'd do and I used to cook for a living, I mean it's the kind of dish I would appreciate

snafu Mon 08-Aug-05 10:29:14

THat's what I wa going to say, Soupy. Or what about an all-in-one thing - you know, really good-quality chicken pieces, veg, herbs, garlic etc etc all in a big roasting tin? Cuts down the washing-up and the hassle. I'd keep it as simple as possible. I do chicken with tons of basil, cherry tomatoes, roasted garlic and borlotti beans and it is fab.

SoupDragon Mon 08-Aug-05 10:32:59

Not a lot of dishes needed though... 1 pan for the chicken & potatoes, one full of chunky vegetables for roasting. no faffing about, you can prepare it in advance and just shove it in the oven at the correct intervals.

Have to say that, as a lazy cook/cleaner upper, I only ever to roasted vegetables now

SoupDragon Mon 08-Aug-05 10:33:27

(for chicken read "whatever joint you're roasting!")

Tortington Mon 08-Aug-05 10:40:04

i'd be tempter to go to a local bakers and get a lovley big pie - our butchers does this too. and pass it off as my own. <ahem>

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