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poppy101 Sun 07-Aug-05 20:02:14

When can you give children double cream for e.g. ? What age ?

clary Sun 07-Aug-05 20:02:49

oh surely any time after 6mths?

Twiglett Sun 07-Aug-05 20:03:57

yuk .. hate cream .. give them creme fraiche from about a year though if that helps

poppy101 Sun 07-Aug-05 20:05:10

Thanks will use creme fraiche instead.

Twiglett Sun 07-Aug-05 20:05:51

poppy .. that's just my personal preference .. don't think there's anything wrong with cream per se

what's it for anyway?

kid Sun 07-Aug-05 20:07:25

is there any difference between creme fraiche and fromage frais?

NannyL Sun 07-Aug-05 20:22:34

there is a diff between fromagge frais and cream fraiche... you just have to eat it to find out!

and they CAN have cream (along with all other adult cows products) from 6 months

bakedpotato Sun 07-Aug-05 20:24:37

thought creme fraiche was just cream that had gone off in a posh way?

Tommy Sun 07-Aug-05 20:25:39

fromage frais is a cheese isn't it? Runny cheese (sounds lovely )

Twiglett Sun 07-Aug-05 20:25:46

snurk at potato

Seona1973 Sun 07-Aug-05 20:26:56

Creme Fraiche
A rich, thick cream cheese which is faintly soured. Wonderful over fruits and desserts, it is not a true cheese. Creme Fraiche is made by adding a culture to a fresh cream.

Fromage Frais
Moist, creamy, white, fresh cheese made from the mixture of goat's and sheep's milk. This cheese has to be unripenned and made from milk coagulated by lactic fermentation. This bacteria must be active in the cheese when sold. It must contain 10 to 15 g dry matter per 100 g of cheese. This cheese has to be eaten soon after production. The cheese varies in fat content, which ranges from maigre (very low) to allege (double) and triple crème.

Seona1973 Sun 07-Aug-05 20:27:44

I didnt know this btw, I looked it up - I've learned something new

kid Sun 07-Aug-05 21:02:48

and there was me thinking you knew everything Seona1973

I actually use either of them in chicked breasts and have never noticed a difference in taste!

Twiglett Mon 08-Aug-05 08:35:15

benfit to creme fraiche is the half-fat version tastes very nearly as good

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