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Blaardy lunchbox police at ds's school. Tomorrow I may lamp them.

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DrNortherner Tue 18-May-10 20:46:25

Every day ds get his packed lunch inspected by an 8 year old year 3 pupil who makes a list of how many healthy items are in his lunch, she inspects the whole class and makes a list for the teacher. God knows what the teacher does with this info, I need to find out.....

Today this was his lunch
REAL chicken breast sandwhich on a white roll
ASDA cheese dipper
1 x Plum
Slice of swiss roll
Bottle of water.

It was deemed his plum and yoghurt were the only healthy items in his lunch.

FWIW his outdoor games teacher is about a size 24 and shouts orders whilst sitting on a bench. Is anyone inspectin her lunch?


marcsalmond Tue 18-May-10 20:47:49

put a mars bar in it tomorrow

compo Tue 18-May-10 20:47:53

lol at the pe teacher

CarGirl Tue 18-May-10 20:49:14

Only dodgy thing is the asda cheese dipper but only if it's full of processed rubbish additives. When will they realise that young children need calories and fat as their brains are still developing!

Drives me crazy.

herbietea Tue 18-May-10 20:49:16

Message withdrawn

cornsillkwearsclogs Tue 18-May-10 20:49:43

Yes put the mars bar in - bet the P.E. teacher confiscates it.

midnightexpress Tue 18-May-10 20:50:01

How very annoying. I think he should claim diplomatic immunity and refuse to let a jumped-up 8 y-o get all judgey on his ass.

Katisha Tue 18-May-10 20:51:54

I would be steaming into school demanding to see the head about this.

Has the 8 yr old got a certificate in food hygeine for example? What nutritional qualifications does she have?

The school presumably thinks low fat low cal low protein is the way forward for children.

Yes and where is the info going?


TheCrackFox Tue 18-May-10 20:52:33

I would refuse permission for an 8yr old to have a nosey through my DCs lunchbox:

1 I am not convinced every 8 yr old washes their hands enough.

2 It is state sponsored bullying.

MsHighwater Tue 18-May-10 20:52:55

Imo, you would be well within your rights to inform the school that they do not have the right to insist on inspecting the contents of your ds's lunch let alone to delegate it to an 8 yr old and that you are withdrawing your consent for them to do so.

PussinJimmyChoos Tue 18-May-10 20:55:19

I would write a complaint and suggest that perhaps a better role model for the kids is a PE teacher that is not obese rather...harsh but true..

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Tue 18-May-10 20:58:18

I would go bloody mental over this. It's wrong wrong wrong for so many reasons.

Shaz10 Tue 18-May-10 20:58:31

I am a teacher and am really pissed off about the lunchbox police thing. We don't do it at our school but I have told the head that if he even thinks about asking me to grade someone's lunch I'll just lie and say they were all fine. Without even opening the boxes.

It's none of my damn business what you feed your children.

I live in an area where a lot of children get sent in with sausage rolls and bottles of Coke - and it's still none of my business!

Alouiseg Tue 18-May-10 21:00:08


I would suggest insist that the inspector should produce a warrant.

Eglu Tue 18-May-10 21:00:51

How on earth is an 8 yo, qualifeied to judge what consists of a helathy packed lunch?

What nonsense. I would be furious.

Sidge Tue 18-May-10 21:05:19

I would be spitting feathers.

Not only is inspecting lunchboxes bonkers, but getting a Year 3 pupil to do it?? Insane.

I would be in the office asking to speak to whoever implemented this procedure and giving them a piece of my mind (and I am a right softie normally and wouldn't say boo to a goose)

DrNortherner Tue 18-May-10 21:12:58

Oooh I am all bouyed up now! Let me at 'em!

TheCrackFox Tue 18-May-10 21:13:46

I would mention to the Head that if there is an outbreak of Ecoli because some 8yr old didn't wash his hands properly then you have access to very expensive lawyers.

TheStraitsofWTF Tue 18-May-10 21:14:59

God, I hope this doesn't happen in Scotland.

Love Alouiseg's idea.

PixieOnaLeaf Tue 18-May-10 21:15:59

Message withdrawn

DrNortherner Tue 18-May-10 21:16:34

Do you think she is actualy rifling through his lunchbox then......that hadn't occurred to me. Will grill ds further in the morning.

PixieOnaLeaf Tue 18-May-10 21:17:58

Message withdrawn

CarGirl Tue 18-May-10 21:19:42

urgh I feel ill now at the thought of it!

onepieceoflollipop Tue 18-May-10 21:20:54

School is out of order imo.

Thankfully dd's headteacher seems to have an entirely realistic and reasonable attitude towards packed lunches. afaik there are no checks/comments etc. The dinner ladies do see the contents but only in the course of their duty (helping to open yogurts etc)

I think that one child (if dd is to be believed, she is 6) had sweets one day and the dinner lady asked her to take them back home. (I mean a full packet of chewits or similar, not one sweet or a small chocolate biscuit) I suspect that if it is true it was to avoid any unnecessary jealousy/issues with other children if one was sat eating a full packet of sweets.

islandofsodor Tue 18-May-10 21:20:54

Asda cheese dippers (if they are the same ones as I get for ds) are only philadelphia type cheese with breadsticks rather than the Dirylee type ones. They are just a bit cheaper than the actual philly ones and come in the healthy good for kids range.

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