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Please recommend me your absolute favourite olives and olive products

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lemonice Thu 04-Aug-05 19:11:59

I want to know easily available ones eg supermarket or branded and where to get delicious ones on the internet and olivey things...

so everyday olives and extra special ones and luxury fantastic ones

just for me to eat...Thank you...

WigWamBam Thu 04-Aug-05 19:15:33

Do you have no taste, woman? They're vile things!

TwinSetAndPearls Thu 04-Aug-05 19:17:11

I love olives, easily eat a tub at a time, have never bought any online though. I just get them in a tub from the deli.

sarjon Thu 04-Aug-05 19:30:44

My dh absolutely loves the prepacked ones from M&S. They do loads of different varieties.

We also have a 'french' market fairly regularly where we live and there is always a stall that has so many different flavours, all freshly made (not much use to you unless you have a french market nearby !!!)

I personally can't stand them!

Jen1209 Thu 04-Aug-05 19:35:28

Hi, there is a fantastic company called the oil and vineger co who sell loads of brill things to do with all Meditteranean things... they also sell the most wicked olives and stuff. THey are on the net and they also have stores all over the place

Hope this helps lemonrice - I adore olives too!!!

lemonice Thu 04-Aug-05 19:43:08

Thanks, which are the best m&s ones (and for that matter the best oil and vinegar ones as there is one of those here but I've never been in it)

And are there any cheap nice Tesco ones (I haven't found any)

edodgy Thu 04-Aug-05 19:43:58

i hate them but dd loves them i just buy the cresta ones from supermarket.

TinyGang Thu 04-Aug-05 19:47:12

I love them and so do the children (dh can't stand them!). Hard to find a good sized big jar though. They mostly come in those piddly thin litte jars with about 10 olives in. Pah!

sarjon Thu 04-Aug-05 19:51:51

My DH's favourite from M&S are the ones in a chile marinade. He also likes the ones with feta cheese in. Both are from the fresh section (ie, not in a jar).

Tinker Thu 04-Aug-05 19:53:17

Love them. Gorgeous stuffed with anchovies or lemon.

lemonice Thu 04-Aug-05 19:54:02

this is my alternative to having a holiday...olive fantasies

lemonice Thu 04-Aug-05 19:55:17

I think anchovies are another love or hate food...I love them too and chillies and feta cheese...

edodgy Thu 04-Aug-05 19:55:28


lemonice Thu 04-Aug-05 19:57:47

and big misshapen gorgeous smelling mediterranean tomatoes and eating sardines with your feet in the hot sand

Merlot Thu 04-Aug-05 20:00:41

Waitrose do a nice selection in chile marinade - yum!

I have to say that having had a holiday near Kalamata, Greece - they are my all time `normal' olives - delicious!

sarjon Thu 04-Aug-05 20:02:45

I think you and my DH would get along fabulously!!! He loves to have a 'greek' evening with toasted bread dipped in extra virgin olive oil, bowls of olives in different marinades etc.

(This is all topped off with a cold beer and a night infront of the footie tho so maybe not quite your perfect holiday fantasy!!!)

piffle Thu 04-Aug-05 20:04:04

oooh olive and chili tapenade under tomato bruschetta

lemonice Thu 04-Aug-05 20:05:19

He sounds fab, I am very good at watching footabll...

lemonice Thu 04-Aug-05 20:06:34

dp would run a mile from an olive, hot sand, a sardine...but no footie...

sarjon Thu 04-Aug-05 20:19:24

Ah well, you see he is a fab man but I, unfortunately, do not sure his love of olives, footie or beer so I make do with my pringles, choccie and apple juice (addicted to it at the mo!!).

He even puts up with my being a vegetarian and therefore not cooking him meat!!!

I could certainly do with the nice hot sand between my toes tho!!!

sarjon Thu 04-Aug-05 20:20:15

*'do not share' not 'do not sure'

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