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help! need cold food ideas

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spod Wed 03-Aug-05 21:25:28

Message deleted

katymac Wed 03-Aug-05 21:38:40

Medium sized tomatoes slice a little bit on the bottem so they stand up OK
Cut off the top, scoop out the middle, mix it with tuna and a little mint then stuff the tomatoes

Smoked salmon on brown bread & butter
Asparagus rolled in brown bread and sliced into pinwheels
Make little trumpets of ham and put philly cheese in the middle
tartletts with mushrooms in

that sort of thing?

janeite Wed 03-Aug-05 21:52:13

Pasta salad, dips (homemade or bought)and breadsticks, lovely bread and nice cheeses, greek salad, roasted veg, good olives - cake!!!

pipkins Wed 03-Aug-05 22:30:35

Pitta bread with hoummous and grated carrot

Cold pasta salad,tuna,sweetcorn,red onion and salad dressing

toasted ciabatta-with roasted peppers from a jar and philly

couscous salad with a dressing ,herbs,roasted veg like courgette,red onion,aubergine

avacado dip
Butterbean dip-mash with olive oil,garlic,fine red chilli

potato salad-new pots,mayo,touch of horseradish,chives

cheese biscuits-plain flour ,butter,grated mature cheddar,parmesaen grated,pinch paprika.
sprinkle on sesame seeds,roll quite thin.
8-10 mins on 200

lightly fry in no oil some unsalted nuts ie cashew,brazil,almond etc,then sprinkle with a small amount of fresh rosemary and sea salt.

CountessDracula Wed 03-Aug-05 23:04:00

Do you want a buffet or canapes?

spod Thu 04-Aug-05 22:05:01

Message deleted

Nbg Thu 04-Aug-05 22:07:46

Eton mess for dessert.

Merangues crushed up in to bits, mix with cream, frozen raspberries and add a few strawberries for decoration on the top if you fancy.

It takes seconds.

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