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What to cook with chick peas....

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elsmommy Wed 03-Aug-05 12:02:47

and preferably kidney beans

gingerbear Wed 03-Aug-05 12:17:45

chilli con carne
add to casseroles
moroccan tagine type stuff.

trefusis Wed 03-Aug-05 12:30:46

Message withdrawn

acnebride Wed 03-Aug-05 12:50:28

chana dahl recipe - especially good if made the day before.

acnebride Wed 03-Aug-05 12:52:33

kidney bean recipe - originally a veg soup but IMO better as a veg stew with loads of cheese on top

elsmommy Wed 03-Aug-05 13:02:17

all sound yummy!!! thanks

Tallgirl Fri 05-Aug-05 11:30:14

Add tin of chickpeas to some mixed cooked veg (onion,garlic, mushrooms, peppers etc) throw in tin of tomatoes or tomatoes pasta sauce, add cooked pasta shapes and put in oven proof dish, add layer of grated cheese and cook in oven for about 20 mins. We had last night and was yummy will be having left overs for lunch. Can use any tinned beans and any type of vegetable - whatever you have got.

swiperfox Fri 05-Aug-05 11:42:05

we make our chilli with kidney beans and chick peas. Also when i first left home i used to make a big pot of rice, kidney beans, chick peas and fish (tuna or pilchards) and tinned tomatoes - was yummy!!!

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