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Can I have some simple family dinner ideas please!

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phoenixflower Wed 05-May-10 09:38:31

Wondered if anyone can give me a rough breakdown of what they cook for breakfast,lunch and dinner.

Atm am very dis-organised with it all, have to go shopping everyday as I don't plan meals ahead and usually end up getting to 4/5pm and realising nothing is cooking for tea. usually end up having a mince based dish or sausages and the chn are bored with it. Any advice would be very much appreciated as I worry a lot about food and what we will eat etc.

thank you

kormachameleon Wed 05-May-10 09:47:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Kammy Wed 05-May-10 11:14:13

Def meal plan before you shop. Breakfast easy, cereal, fruit and toast. I take leftovers/sandwiches to work for lunch or have cheese/egg/beans on toast on a day off.
Dinners last week (I shop on Thurs for the week...
Thus - Sausage casserole
Fri_ Salmon steaks, new pots, green beans
Sat_ Shepherds pie (ds made it for a cubs badge!)
Sun - Roast chicken
Mon - Left oevr chicken pasta dish with pesto, creme fraiche
Tue - veg falafels, mixed bean salad, couscous
Wed - Veg curry

blametheparents Wed 05-May-10 14:08:46

I have found the Jamie Oliver Ministry of Food book fab.
I make this recipe frequently and it has been a realy hit. I stick a puff pastry lid on top and finish it off in the oven for a tasty pie.
Serve with broccoli, or other veg.

Pesto pasta also quick and easy. Pasta with pesto sauce, bacon, peas and broccoli. Yummy!

Or, another great Jamie Ministy of Food recipe here

phoenixflower Wed 05-May-10 21:51:30

thanks for all the ideas

weegiemum Wed 05-May-10 21:59:38

I just started menu planning properly and it has revolutionised things round here!

This week we had/are having

Monday - Chicken noodles (with variety of veg - mange tout, peas, broccoli, corn, carrots)

Tuesday - home made chicken pie

Wednesday - made our own pizza tonight

Thursday - fajitas

Friday - pasta bake - pasta, chicken, veggies and a jar of ragu sauce baked in oven with cheese on top and garlic bread

Saturday - Irish Stew

Sunday - full scale Sunday Lunch with trimmings.

Other things we do are "Build yout own Burger" where we all choose what we want on a burger/chicken burger and have loads of salad etc with it, mince based things, curries (my kids all love curry, thankfully), fish and chips (usually home-made wedges but bought fish in batter), salmon pasta, chicken kebabs (again, choose your own combo of veg and chicken or prawns), soup and sandwiches, baked potatoes with loads of fillings (which are good for sandwich fillings for a couple of days).

Gosh, I have more ideas than I thought!!

Ivykaty44 Wed 05-May-10 22:03:44

JO's currys are great

The first time you need quite a few spices and ingredients but after that it will keep you going for ages and all you need is the meat and cocnut milk - so good value and really good food.

Try to get your spices in bags rather than jars - even the supermarkets sell them in bags, but they are not with the jars and about half the price of the supermanrket own.

Rollmops Thu 06-May-10 11:48:37

Jersey Royals are in so poached salmon, homemade mayo with boiled JRs and cucumber salad is on the menu at the moment. Oftengrin

ambeej78 Fri 15-Apr-16 05:36:09

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