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How do you thicken fruit coulis?

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katymac Mon 01-Aug-05 14:21:00

I used to use icing sugar - but would rather avoid that now..can I use anything else??


WigWamBam Mon 01-Aug-05 14:21:45

What about arrowroot?

DissLocated Mon 01-Aug-05 14:22:37

Arrowroot? Not sure exactly what it is but I know it's vegetarian, you buy it from healthfood shops and use it to thicken things without them going 'opaque'. I think you use it like cornflour, ie slake it in water and mix it into the coulis.

eldestgirl Mon 01-Aug-05 14:24:12

Simmer it for longer to evaporate more of the water, or use a little cornflower.

PrettyCandles Mon 01-Aug-05 14:24:57

Potato starch (often sold under the name Farina) would work. You mix it with a little water just off the boil, and then blend it with the coulis. You mustn't actually boil the starch mix, as that will stop it setting.

If you're happy to cook the coulis, then a knob of butter will thicken it, or, of course, some cornflour.

WigWamBam Mon 01-Aug-05 14:25:02

Cornflour will change the taste and colour of the coulis, arrowroot won't.

Bramshott Mon 01-Aug-05 15:05:48

Baby rice? Polenta? Have used both to thicken various things up after cooking disasters in the past and both worked well!

eldestgirl Mon 01-Aug-05 16:02:04

God what has happened to my spelling? Cornflour. Aagh!

katymac Mon 01-Aug-05 22:26:10

Thanks for the suggestions - I think I might try arrowroot........

Thanks again

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