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Meal ideas for 14 month old

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kbaby Sun 31-Jul-05 21:00:37

Im looking for some inspiration. At the moment DD is having a mixture of jarred food or home cooked food. With the home cooked I tend to batch cook and freeze little pots.
The problem is that my MIL looks after her each day and so frozen pots are easier for me to give her but I think DD is possibly having food thats now too babyish for her ie no finger food, just food thats mashed and frozen.
What can I give her that I can possibly cook in advance but is substancial enough. I dont want mil to feel that she has to cook seperate fresh food for DD.

Gillian76 Sun 31-Jul-05 21:03:28

Pasta in tomato or cheese sauce
Mince and potatoes
sticks of cheese, cucumber, breadsticks

Gillian76 Sun 31-Jul-05 21:04:44

Can make the pasta the night before or freeze mince, casserole, etc. You could make the sandwiches (cut off the crusts if you prefer) and sticks of stuff the night before.

vicdubya Sun 31-Jul-05 21:14:36

My ds is 16 months, most lunchtimes he has cream cheese sandwiches, or bread and butter with cubes of cheese, or ham, plus fruit & yoghurt.

Sometimes he has baked beans (the low sugar low salt heinz ones), scrambled egg or omelette, with toast - these all take minutes to prepare.

For tea he has his main meal, usually casserole, fish or shepherds pie, or similar, usually from a batch I have frozen, but if it hasn't got potatoes in it, I do him fresh pasta or couscous to go with it, and some fresh / frozen veg.

You could make pasta bakes / lasagne, and not mash it, so that you freeze it as you would for an adult, then your MIL can lightly mash it for her if necessary (probably won't be), & the same with shepherds pie etc.

What would your MIL be eating, do they eat at the same time?

kikidee Sun 31-Jul-05 22:17:02

My DS is also 16 months and we are having big success here with homemade fish fingers, mini veggie burgers and cheese and sweetcorn pancakes. All good finger food. He also loves pasta, beef casserole and barley risotto. All the recipes come from Annabel Karmel.

clary Mon 01-Aug-05 15:32:42

can she not have what mil is eating?
A 14 mo doesn't need special food, they can eat pretty much anything (not shellfieh perhaps).
The sooner you start giving her the family's food the better for everyone ime.

kbaby Thu 04-Aug-05 21:56:04

To be honest I dont really know what MIL eats. If ever im there just as they are finishing dinner it always seems to be cooked dinner. The only problem is she adds salt to everything and I dont want her to get offended if I ask her to cook DD's seperately.

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