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Soft gingerbread men

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fairydust Sat 30-Jul-05 22:54:03

I made ginger bread men with dd yestaday - when i took them out the oven they we're really soft but 5 mins later they we're hard as nails - any idea how i can keep them soft - do i need to add something else to the ingredients?

TwinSetAndPearls Sat 30-Jul-05 22:56:41

Did you overcook them, often with biscuits you take them out before you think they are done and they harden up.

fairydust Sat 30-Jul-05 22:57:09

it said to cook them for 15 - 20mins i olny did them for 12

TwinSetAndPearls Sat 30-Jul-05 22:58:48

what did you put in them? there is an old thread for gingerbread biscuits on here with links to recipes

fairydust Sat 30-Jul-05 23:06:45

i put them in a airtype container

TwinSetAndPearls Sat 30-Jul-05 23:08:47

Sorry must have typed it wrong, I meant what ingredients did you put in them!

expatinscotland Sat 30-Jul-05 23:09:52

Mmmm, gingerbread men!

suzywong Sat 30-Jul-05 23:10:20

you have a bit too much sugar or syrup in them, that's why they are hardening up so quickly

fairydust Sat 30-Jul-05 23:10:50

6oz plain flour
pinch of salt
1tsp ground ginger
2oz butter
4oz brown sugar
2-3tbsp golden syrup

suzywong Sat 30-Jul-05 23:13:36

try 2tbsp golden syrup, and the recipe I have used 8 oz of flour

I've got to make some myself this morning, and as it's onoy 6.15 and we've been up for half an hour already there's still plenty of morning left

fairydust Sat 30-Jul-05 23:14:50

thnaks suzy will try that - my receipe says cook for 15 - 20mins gas mark 5 is that ok?

TwinSetAndPearls Sat 30-Jul-05 23:14:51

I have checked my recipe and I would only use 3oz of sugar and 2 tablespoons of syrup ( I use half treacle/ half syrup) so Suzywong is right I think/.

TwinSetAndPearls Sat 30-Jul-05 23:15:15

1 table spoon syrup 1 table spoon treacle that is.

TwinSetAndPearls Sat 30-Jul-05 23:15:58

I use 180 degrees which is gas mark 4 - I think!

TwinSetAndPearls Sat 30-Jul-05 23:17:00

also 8oz of flour like suzy wong

fairydust Sat 30-Jul-05 23:17:04

right so

8oz flour
3oz sugar
2 tbsp syrup

TwinSetAndPearls Sat 30-Jul-05 23:17:41


fairydust Sat 30-Jul-05 23:18:47

thank you will try that out

suzywong Sun 31-Jul-05 00:08:24

I'm always bloody right

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