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chorizo sausage????? help please

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margonbread Sun 25-Apr-10 18:59:42

the packet says "Remove from sausage casing"

BUT how do you do it? have started to pick bits off but it will take ages. Is it really necessary? or is there a secret method?


FabIsGoingToGetFit Sun 25-Apr-10 19:00:57

Cut along the edge, length ways?

margonbread Sun 25-Apr-10 19:02:09

then peel it off?

AvengingGerbil Sun 25-Apr-10 19:02:17

I've never done this. Just chop it up into the size pieces you intend to use.

If the casing is not 'integral' to the chorizo, I'd bet it will come off in the cooking...

margonbread Sun 25-Apr-10 19:02:33

or peel it like you would a carrot?????


margonbread Sun 25-Apr-10 19:03:07

that sounds a good theory AvengingGerbil

FabIsGoingToGetFit Sun 25-Apr-10 19:04:38

But then you will be picking it out.

margonbread Sun 25-Apr-10 19:06:13

not so good then.

so it has to be removed?

TragicallyHip Sun 25-Apr-10 19:06:56

It won't come of in the cooking....I've made that mistake and it's a bloody nightmare!
Once you get a good bit of the skin it peels off pretty easy...well for me it does..that's if you have the hard cured version and not an actual sausage.

TragicallyHip Sun 25-Apr-10 19:08:57

That was off obviously and not of..

If it was left on it would be like trying to eat paper..

margonbread Sun 25-Apr-10 19:09:50

thing it look s pretty cured.

well best start peeling, not sitting here reading about it!!!!!

TragicallyHip Sun 25-Apr-10 19:11:52

haha yes get peeling grin

evilgiraffe Sun 25-Apr-10 19:12:38

I've never peeled chorizo, and never had an issue with it. Don't bother, is my advice Even if you leave it on you can eat it without cooking it with no trouble at all - definitely no paperyness in my experience.

Acanthus Sun 25-Apr-10 19:12:47

Mine has always peeled off ok in the end. BIt fiddly though.

evilgiraffe Sun 25-Apr-10 19:15:02

Also, what's your recipe? I love chorizo, and am always on the lookout for more ways to use it!

TragicallyHip Sun 25-Apr-10 19:19:39

I use Chorizo alot. There is no way you could eat the skin even when cooked. Maybe you get a different kind evilgiraffe?

margonbread Sun 25-Apr-10 19:31:03

well i have done my best with it!

i will let you know how it goes down.

this is my recipe TH

we have had it before and it was delicious but we used sliced chorizo last time.

margonbread Sun 25-Apr-10 19:31:56

sorry - it was EG who asked about hte recipe

TragicallyHip Sun 25-Apr-10 19:38:14

Good luck, recipe looks lovely smile

Amapoleon Sun 25-Apr-10 19:41:29

The sausage is much nicer than sliced. I never slice the skin off unless it is a stewing sausage but I don't know if you can get those in the UK.

lucysmum Sun 25-Apr-10 19:53:27

if you do want to take the skin off in future - cut a little bit off each end and then slice lengthways along the sausage - not deep, just as if your were trying to get skin off an onion. Then you should be able to peel off skin in a couple of pieces - its very satisfying, like peeling sunburn ! I sometimes do it (and then slice the sausage)if I am dry frying the chorizo as more oil seems to get released. But shouldn't be a problem to leave skin on.

margonbread Sun 25-Apr-10 21:53:13

It was fine, no sign of any skin, although i know i hadn't got it all off and it was far tastier than the ready sliced.

all nicely mopped up with crusty bread. YUM YUM

evilgiraffe Sun 25-Apr-10 22:53:36

Ooo, recipe looks nice. At least, the kale and chorizo do (I don't think much of big beans). Glad you didn't have any issues with the semi-peeled situation!

twinkle007 Thu 30-Dec-10 23:46:19

In my opinion...I like to eat it raw sometimes in thin slices (no skin) other cases I peel the 'skin' off and fry it...mix it up with mushrooms in a frying pan with salt and pepper...wack it on 2 slices on french bread with a nice spread of butter over! Othertimes I use it for a pasta sauce...basically you do chorizo...(it's full of such lovely flavours), onion, bacon, fry it off...add a little water...then add some creme fraiche...simmer for a bit! then you get your pasta ready! once the pasta is ready...the sauce should taste awesome once you've added salt and pepper!!
Give it a go. Chorizo is a winner!!

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