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ASDA RANT!!! Complete waste of time, I'm fuming.

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essbee Thu 28-Jul-05 23:04:50

Message withdrawn

cerys Thu 28-Jul-05 23:08:43

poor you, essbee, that's crap. Will they refund you for the late delivery? Can't believe they phoned so late at night either.Worth an angry letter to Head Office, definitely.

hope you can get some sleep.

Heathcliffscathy Thu 28-Jul-05 23:08:51

essbee that's terrible! i hope they give you your shopping call to manager with angry rant in order imo. poor you...

Heathcliffscathy Thu 28-Jul-05 23:09:13

cerys xed posts almost identical!

Chandra Thu 28-Jul-05 23:09:51

I know the feeling, I actually stoped using ASDA (or any e-grocery shopping) because it took ages to find the thing on the net and because slot were normally booked for several days in advance and then the need to be sitting at home waiting for them to appear...

essbee Thu 28-Jul-05 23:11:39

Message withdrawn

katymac Thu 28-Jul-05 23:13:20

You got the phone call cos yoursent the email..

essbee Thu 28-Jul-05 23:16:02

Message withdrawn

colditz Thu 28-Jul-05 23:16:12

To the person responsible for waking my children at (insert time) at night.

Perhaps you would like to explain to them that not only are you sorry for disturbing their much needed sleep, you also apologise profusely for their lack of breakfast tomorrow morning.

I have endeavored to explain to my children that when you are tardy or thoughtless, you should apologise and make amends, even (shockingly) if you are in charge of food deliveries at Asda.

Hoping you can find it in yourselves to display basic preschool manners,

Yours sincerely


colditz Thu 28-Jul-05 23:17:12

go on, send it, it will make you feel better.....

essbee Thu 28-Jul-05 23:20:28

Message withdrawn

colditz Thu 28-Jul-05 23:22:05


I should have been a professional complainer, I enjoy it more than is truly healthy....

essbee Thu 28-Jul-05 23:24:56

Message withdrawn

BadHair Thu 28-Jul-05 23:25:47

Tescos did that to me once. Phone call at 9pm saying shopping would be delivered next day. I went mad and told them that if it wasn't delivered tonight I didn't want it and would have a refund.
It appeared 30 mins later as a member of staff drove over to where I live (15 miles from store) to drop it off.
She was rather surly, it has to be said, but as she was no doubt getting overtime and petrol money I wasn't too bothered.
You absolutely have to complain - Colditz's letter is fab.

Heathcliffscathy Thu 28-Jul-05 23:26:21

definitely the least imo

colditz Thu 28-Jul-05 23:27:12

Of course. S/he woke you up! My God, has this person no sense of etiquette? It is soooo rude to phone after 10pm if it's not a dire emergancy or priorly agreed!

essbee Thu 28-Jul-05 23:29:33

Message withdrawn

colditz Thu 28-Jul-05 23:30:21

If you don't get what you want, go to the store at about 11am on Saturday, and kick off, loudly and at length. The manager will try to usher you into a side room, don't go. The more public you stay, the more they will try to make you happy, so you shut up. Be polite, calm, but use a loud, carrying voice!

essbee Thu 28-Jul-05 23:31:27

Message withdrawn

colditz Thu 28-Jul-05 23:34:07

Get someone else to pose as you then

The thing is, if you are kicking off at the manager, for every pair of eyes you feel on you, s/he feels 20! They often practically throw vouchers at you to make you shut up and stop making them look bad in front of all those customers!

essbee Thu 28-Jul-05 23:35:03

Message withdrawn

saintshar Thu 28-Jul-05 23:37:33

Essbee!!!!!!!!! It's me. I am at my friends who has a computer that is working!! (Sorry for the hijack!)

Chandra Thu 28-Jul-05 23:38:34

I don't want to spoil the complaining mode of this thread but considering the amount of complaints they usually get I think that they are not worth the effort, you will get angry at writing the letter while they will have peek at it and continue gossiping about the day...

P.S> Got to this idea after I contacted customer services who duly send me an empty envelope as an answer several days later. (????)

colditz Thu 28-Jul-05 23:43:13

That sums it up Chandra, she will have to go in and kick up stink!

essbee Thu 28-Jul-05 23:44:43

Message withdrawn

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