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Red lentils..... and what?

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evansmummy Wed 27-Jul-05 20:38:47

Would you put a bit of mince and onion with some red lentils for a puree for a nearly 8 month old? Would you put anything else with them? Or is meat and lentils too much?

trefusis Wed 27-Jul-05 20:39:52

Message withdrawn

littlerach Wed 27-Jul-05 20:55:31

I use it instead of meat, like for bolognese or shepherds pie.

helsi Wed 27-Jul-05 20:56:39

not sure how old your child/ren is but what about lentil and carrot burgers?

175g red lentils
1 small onion chopped
225g grated carrot
30ml olive oil
50g fresh breadcrumbs
25g porridge oats
30ml chopped parsley

cook the lentils in water until tender.
cook the veg in the oil for 3-4 mins then turn into a bowl.
Add the lentils, breadcrumbs, oats and parlsey.
Mix well and leave to cool.
Form into small patty shapes and grill for 4-5 mins on each side until golden

toomanypushchairs Wed 27-Jul-05 20:57:55

we also use instead of meat. Red lentils, onion, bit of stock, bit of mild curry powder......dhal! my children have loved it since about 7 or 8 months old!

trefusis Wed 27-Jul-05 20:58:20

Message withdrawn

helsi Wed 27-Jul-05 21:00:37

sorry - just seen - 8 months

piffle Wed 27-Jul-05 21:05:10

lentils with a little onion and chicken stock and veges of our chose went down well in our house

Jen28 Sun 31-Jul-05 09:24:58

I gave my DS a the same age red lentils and rice (ie two kinds of vegetable protein combined) with a bit of whatever other veg puree I happened to have. You need to combine most veg protein sources to get the full complement of amino acids. The only complete veg source is tofu (which is brill b/c you don't need to cook it - just break off a chunk and mash with a fork. Plus it's really easy to get organic tofu.)

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