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Frozen Pork Mince & Frozen Beef - safe to eat ?

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Mojomummy Wed 27-Jul-05 19:23:54

....both are organic, but bought in March & April this year. I froze them as soon as I bought them, & have just got them out of the freezer to defrost & make into meals for DD.

How long can they last in the freezer & if I make meals, can I refreeze them ? If fact, is it even safe to eat them ?

Tinker Wed 27-Jul-05 19:24:37

I'd eat them

SaintGeorge Wed 27-Jul-05 19:25:57

Perfectly safe but might have lost a bit of taste/texture.

trefusis Wed 27-Jul-05 19:35:11

Message withdrawn

throckenholt Wed 27-Jul-05 19:37:02

I would - with no worries - so long as I made sure they were cooked properly.

Mojomummy Wed 27-Jul-05 19:50:59

thanks for advice, just a bit nervouse 'cos earlier this year bought organic pork sausages. Left them in the fridge ( a day too long) & then froze them. Defrosted them for Dh & DD to eat. Fortunately only (poor) DH ate them. Boy was he ill , everything he ate went straight through him for a couple of days....

throckenholt Thu 28-Jul-05 07:52:12

I don't think being organic makes any difference to the likelihood of not or food poisoning. And even food a day past it's use by date should be fine if well cooked. But I guess the best test is use your nose, and your taste buds - if it smells wrong then it is probably dodgy to eat.

Mojomummy Thu 28-Jul-05 08:49:58

I don't eat pork or beef lamb, so have no idea what it should/shouldn't taste like....DH actually had a day off work, which is unheard of, poor love.

I thought being organic - less preservatives etc, so less likely to go off.

I'll stick to the lentils & fresh stuff in future

throckenholt Thu 28-Jul-05 09:20:25

I am not sure organic has much to do with preservatives (you would have to ask the supplier about that - or read the small print), but more to do with the way it was grown in the first place.

With any meat you need to make sure you cook it properly.

And I guess as far as taste or smell - well it just seems "wrong" if it going off. Sorry - not much help !

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