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SamN Wed 27-Jul-05 13:54:07

The last time I tried to make falafel myself they fell apart - and I can't find that recipe in any case. But I want to try again. They are so healthy and I think they will be a hit with my ds1 and his friends, especially in pitta bread with hoummous.

So does anyone have a foolproof recipe and some hints for making sure they don't fall apart?


evansmummy Wed 27-Jul-05 20:43:38

Try this one?

Never done a link before though so might not work!

evansmummy Wed 27-Jul-05 20:44:36

Oh dear, it didn't. I'll try again.

have a look at this

evansmummy Wed 27-Jul-05 20:45:48

Or if you go to the BBC recipe website, they have four or five recipes, you could take your pick!!

SamN Fri 29-Jul-05 09:52:07

Thanks v much evansmummy, I didn't have a chance to do any on Wednesday but I have printed out the Ainsley recipe and will try it when I next have the opportunity. I'm always a bit wary of anything that involves deep-fat-frying, tbh, but I'll give it a go.

ChaCha Sat 30-Jul-05 01:09:28

I've got a good falafel recipe. I'll need to hunt it out though and type it this space... Do you make your own hummus? I never seem to get it quite right!

SamN Wed 03-Aug-05 21:35:41

I have similarly never managed to make home-made hoummous taste quite right. But I have wondered... the shop-bought stuff doesn't use olive oil so I might try one day using sunflower oil as that's far blander.

Will keep an eye out for your falafel recipe

hoxtonchick Wed 03-Aug-05 21:38:13

apparently you need to blend falafel for ages when you make them to break the chickpeas down properly.

SamN Wed 03-Aug-05 22:19:37

thanks for that tip hoxtonchick

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