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Somebody somewhere HAS to help me. Italians, foodies, supermarket specialist buyers step this way......

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catinthehat2 Tue 13-Apr-10 21:41:40

I need to have cannoli. Pretty soon. The need has come out of the blue, as I haven't been watching any US cookery shows recently.

Where o where can I buy ready made tubes in the UK?

I am so not going to make them from scratch as there must be a secret pipeline of ready made cannoli that I can tap into.

PLease, please help me.


squix Tue 13-Apr-10 21:54:41

Try here - Nife is Life - looks like they do next day delivery as well.

MaureenMLove Tue 13-Apr-10 22:04:42

You can get them in most supermarkets! They are a pain in the bloody arse to stuff though.

I would suggest rolling lasagne sheets as a perfet alternative. Seriously. PITA!!

BelleDeChocolateFluffyBunny Tue 13-Apr-10 22:05:17

Ocado probably.

LetThereBeRock Tue 13-Apr-10 22:11:30

Isn't it the fried pastry shells the OP wants and not the pasta tubes?

taffetacat Tue 13-Apr-10 22:17:52

Carluccios? or Little Venice?

catinthehat2 Tue 13-Apr-10 22:18:55

It is indeed the FRIED SWEET stuff! Have a look here scroll down a bit
I think it is almost an impossible ask in the UK, it's just... I want.. cannoli
<sob> <snivel>

serenity Tue 13-Apr-10 22:19:52

Sainsburys and Tesco definitely sell them, I've bought them from both (not recently though as they are a pita to stuff)

serenity Tue 13-Apr-10 22:20:38

OK, X Post, ignore that smile

catinthehat2 Tue 13-Apr-10 22:22:36

Are you chaps sure about this? - I'm after crunchy deep fried pastry to fill with CREAM and CHOCOLATE and stuff.

catinthehat2 Tue 13-Apr-10 22:24:05

OK, I've checked Ocado,it's NO!, I think I'm onto specialist under the counter brown envelope suppliers

taffetacat Tue 13-Apr-10 22:26:51

Are you in London? There must be some little Italian deli/cafe in Soho or Little Venice that does them......

ChocolateCakeWillMakeMeRich Tue 13-Apr-10 22:31:07

echo what taffetacat said. What about the Italian place on Old Compton Street lina stores They might know someone who sells them, at least.

catinthehat2 Tue 13-Apr-10 22:31:09

Taffeta - I honestly think it's going that way, I'm going to have to make a special cannoli run when I get the time.
Will report back when I get one....

catinthehat2 Tue 13-Apr-10 22:34:08

I am liking the look of Lina as well......

Thank you all for indulging my greed blush

ChocolateCakeWillMakeMeRich Tue 13-Apr-10 22:37:11

and looks promising

onebatmother Tue 13-Apr-10 22:50:12

You could make them!
Tubes here

Recipe here though I thought it was marscapone not ricotta. Lots of other ones on the web though.

Imagine the satisfaction!

squix Tue 13-Apr-10 23:32:53

Ah cannoli - suppose it depends where you are or try here - Valvona & Crolla, if it's not on the web site, might be worth a call.

CaroJo Thu 15-Apr-10 14:12:37

Aldi has them.

taffetacatski Thu 22-Jul-10 14:04:02

I could weep.Catinthehat2 - You are to blame.
A new Italian deli has opened in our nearest town.

They sell cannoli.

I thought ah! I remember a MN thread about a need for them. They must be good. I must try one.

I could weep.

They are to die for.

MoonFaceMama Thu 22-Jul-10 21:43:33

I want one. Or some. However many it is permissable to consume.

But i live in the north. Can i whittle one out of a yorkshire pudding?

taffetacatski Fri 23-Jul-10 09:10:33

lol MFM. nooooooooooooooo!!

they are crunchy and have divine creamy sweet stuff in the middle, some a white cream, some lemon, some nutella type stuff. then dredged in icing sugar. they are quite widgy, a few bites. i have some in the fridge supposedly for the adults at DD's birthday party tomorrow. wonder if they will make it......

find an Italian deli. now.

MoonFaceMama Fri 23-Jul-10 18:42:55

I feel a mission coming on. Though i'll have to act with stealth to avoid detection... I could be deported to lancashire if caught shock

taffetacatski Sat 24-Jul-10 19:50:49

greedy buggers the mums ate the lot

< plans trip to deli next week >

Ewe Sat 24-Jul-10 19:54:56

Oooh I am going to look in my local Italian deli for these, they look delicious.

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