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Can I use soup as pasta sauce ???

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nutcracker Tue 26-Jul-05 14:03:33

Brought some chicken and mushroom tortellini from Asda and picked up what I thought was a sauce to go with it, but it's not it's mushroom soup.

Can I still use it ???

Iklboo Tue 26-Jul-05 14:05:53

I know Campbells have recipes where they use their soup as pasta sauces. Might be a bit runny. You could liven it up a bit with some cream & white wine?

WigWamBam Tue 26-Jul-05 14:07:33

What you could do is fry up some onion, mushrooms and so on, then add the soup and simmer it a bit to reduce it, if it's too thin.

Or stir in a couple of spoonfuls of cream cheese/Dairylea/Philadephia to thicken it up.

nutcracker Tue 26-Jul-05 14:17:09

Hmm haven't got any of those things in.

Could I use cornflour to thicken it up ???

Am really not a cooking person, so sorry if i sound s bit thick.

sparklymieow Tue 26-Jul-05 14:18:29

I use tomato soup as a sauce

fastasleep Tue 26-Jul-05 14:19:00

I read that as 'soap'!! Been on here too long eyes are going fuzzy... wish DS would wake up and gerroff my knee!

WigWamBam Tue 26-Jul-05 14:19:50

You could try thickening it with cornflour, mix it to a smooth paste first before you add it, then simmer for a few minutes.

It might affect the taste though, make it a bit floury.

hamster Tue 26-Jul-05 14:20:53

Yes-I have done before.
Mushroom soup is also good for putting with chicken pieces in vol-au-vents

nutcracker Tue 26-Jul-05 14:23:23

Think i'll wait and see what it's like when i start heating it and if it seems too runny i'll tyr a bit of cornflour.


bundle Tue 26-Jul-05 14:24:59

i'd splash a bit of tabasco or worcestershire sauce in it to spice it up

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