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nearly 7 mo now dislikes veg, loves anything sweet

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goldie12 Sun 24-Jul-05 13:26:05

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? My DS is nearly 7 months. We started solids about 5 weeks ago and after the first couple of weeks seemed to really enjoy it. For the last week or so, he has really started playing up with any vegetable puree...either heaves on it or holds it in his mouth and then lets it dribble out. Lovely!!! At first I thought he wasn't hungry but I have quite often battled through giving him 3 cubes of veg only for him to then wolf down some fruit puree as pudding!

Anyway, anyone got any ideas. I have thought of making some chicken stock to add to the veg to make more tasty (I haven't into'd meat yet)? Also, are there any good fruit/veg combos that I could do? He loves butternut squash and pear together!


meggymoo Sun 24-Jul-05 13:31:35

Message withdrawn

Bellie Sun 24-Jul-05 13:32:31

Goldie - this started to be a problem for us too - dd is now 9 months and still has days of not wanting veg only sweet. I used to get really stressed about it, but after asking lots of q's on mn and having loads of really helpful responses have learned not to worry so much.
DD even went for 4 days without eating anything other than her milk.
It does not appear to be a problem - as long as your ds is happy and still alert I would try not to worry too much. (i know that this is a lot easier said than done!)
What I started to do was add apple to everything and then gradually decrease the amount of apple until it is back to just veg again.

meggymoo Sun 24-Jul-05 13:33:29

Message withdrawn

Nbg Sun 24-Jul-05 13:36:42

How about adding sweet potato?

My dd is older than your ds, she's 22 mths and has become quite fussy again so I've been putting a bit of Honey on her food and she loves it.
I don't know if it's suitable for babies as young as your ds though.

Seona1973 Sun 24-Jul-05 13:52:12

nope, honey is not suitable for the under-1's as it can cause (in rare cases) infant botulism.

Nbg Sun 24-Jul-05 13:53:16


Bad advice then, sorry!

cathncait Sun 24-Jul-05 14:14:24

Hey Goldie
Def had the same prob with my dd at about same ag I too added fruit to everything she ate so she would have it and gradually lessoned the amount. As she got older it got easier as she wanted finger foods (which includes yogurt messily enough ) so she would have more savory things that way. She is 1 now and a very good eater. Usually these funny sorts of phases pass so try not to worry too much just keep trying. 7 months is really early days and it takes a while for babies to 'learn' to eat. hth

goldie12 Sun 24-Jul-05 20:06:44

Thanks all, great advice

I think my plan will be to put a cube of fruit in each veggie serving and see if things improve! I did sweet potato and apple for tea tonight...seemed to go down better!!

What age did you all start giving chicken etc. and how many times per week? DS has a nasty milk allergy and I'm being a bit cautious with anything non fruit/veg. Haven't done any gluten yet either.

Thanks again x

meggymoo Sun 24-Jul-05 21:15:54

Message withdrawn

PeachyClair Sun 24-Jul-05 21:43:07

You know this is normal because babies are programmed to prefer sweet (eg breastmilk), right? So don't worry!

bananas and potato (bueergh) was a popular starchy one for my (also lactose intol) DS3, kept the calorie content up as he wasn't growing very well. Peas are quite sweet anyway, you can add apple. Don't just stick to what you'd like- right now you want them nourished and uused to the eating behaviours. The rest can (and will) come later, as long as you keep introducing new tastes until they get used to the idea.

Good luck!

Nbg Sun 24-Jul-05 21:46:38

I've got 2 great recipes that are quite sweet and dd used to love them. Chicken and Peach casserole and Lamb casserole.

They're both really yummy. Let me know if you want the recipe.

meggymoo Sun 24-Jul-05 21:48:09

Message withdrawn

JiminyCricket Sun 24-Jul-05 21:52:38

avocado and banana (although this used to make my dd violently sick! I believe others like it)

PeachyClair Sun 24-Jul-05 22:03:38


look you're a lovely lady n all, but you're not cooking me with some chicken OK?

Nbg Sun 24-Jul-05 22:06:46


I thought that when I wrote it.

Not cooking a person you understand!

goldie12 Mon 25-Jul-05 07:29:42

Yes good point PC. I am reassured that it's not just my awkeard DS!! Think I'll just go for lots of weird and wonderful combos.

Nbg, would love the chx and peach recipe if not too much trouble- sorry PC

Thanks meggymoo- will get him on curries before long. I think he likes flavour- is better with jarred veg sometimes!

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