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defrosting ice cubes of veg

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mckenzie Fri 22-Jul-05 19:20:23

can I defrost an ice cube of carrot for example, re-heat it thoroughly in the microwave at home and then take it out and give it to DD 2 hours later when it will have cooled? I have a thermo bag that I can keep it in.

Just trying to plan ahead.

mrspink27 Fri 22-Jul-05 19:21:55

i think thats fine, put it this way i always did similar and my 2 have lived to tell the tale!
sure there are some who will say no.

purpleturtle Fri 22-Jul-05 19:23:08

It'll be fine. Nobody could get food poisoning from a pureed vegetable (unless it had soil in it or something, which it obviously won't have)

mckenzie Fri 22-Jul-05 19:51:37

ta very much mrsP and purpleturtle.

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