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What does your 7 year old eat in a typical day?

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charliecat Wed 20-Jul-05 21:49:40

Want to know so I can compare!

WideWebWitch Wed 20-Jul-05 21:52:25

Breakfast is either boiled egg and wholemeal toast + apple juice or Shreddies
Lunch: peanut butter or cucumber sandwich and 2 yoghurts, 2 satsumas, an apple, some nuts, a banana, maybe a cake in his lunch box but today he only ate the sandwich and an apple
supper: pasta with tomato sauce and veg or pizza or something else with veg. Maybe ice cream too.

paolosgirl Wed 20-Jul-05 21:54:52

DS is 7, and literally eats anything and everything. I daren't list it all, as you would be shocked. The vast majority of it is healthy, and he is very slim and tall, but I seem to have given birth to a locust.

trefusis Wed 20-Jul-05 21:57:22

Message withdrawn

nutcracker Wed 20-Jul-05 21:58:28

Breakfast ... Big bowl of cereal

Dinner ... Ham sandwhich, cereal bar, yoghurt, peice of fruit and a drink.

Tea ... Beef casserole, with mash, another yoghurt

Bedtime choccie and a biscuit.

trefusis Wed 20-Jul-05 21:58:46

Message withdrawn

Stilltrue Thu 21-Jul-05 13:09:51

My dd is nearly 7 and a typical day would go as follows:
breakfast: grilled bacon, boiled egg (weekends only for those 2 items!), toast, a yogurt, water or fruit juice.
mid morning: maybe an apple &/or a banana, plus a flapjack or a few breadsticks
lunch: could be pasta, chicken, whatever's on offer(or school lunch of course) Actually she is now on holiday, but after Easter began to take in a round of sandwiches to eat after the school lunch, because she complained of being hungry.
Afternoon snack 3.30pm: fruit + slice of cake or some crisps
Tea: 5.30pm - chicken, fish, maybe a steak + lots of veg.
Bedtime snack 7.30 -8pm:whatever she can find! Breadsticks, an apple,sometimes I make milkshakes.

I think that's quite a lot of food. She is stick thin and very active so I think she needs the energy.

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