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What does your 4 year old eat in a typical day?

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charliecat Wed 20-Jul-05 21:49:07

Want to know to compare!

trefusis Wed 20-Jul-05 22:00:32

Message withdrawn

hana Wed 20-Jul-05 22:02:16

well dd1 is 4 in september
typical day is
cereal or porridge with piece of fruit and glass of milk

sandwich, yogurt, fruit, cheese

meat and two veg type of supper most nights

doesn't like a lot of veg
her snacks through the day are mostly fruit
hardly ever give puddings apart from fruit ( again!)
she's just below the 25 centile and weighs 15 kilos
what does yours eat?

okapi Wed 20-Jul-05 22:03:00

mine eats more than my 6 yr old

GetOrlaithOut Wed 20-Jul-05 22:03:11

Today ds1 ate:

Bowl of cheerios

Fruit snack (at nursery so not sure what it was)

Wholemeal bread sandwiches
Fruit bar/biscuit type thing
Blueberry muffin
Packet of Shrek choc bics (last day of nursery treat)

Packet of raisins
Few breadsticks

Homemade chips
2 fish fingers

Ice lolly

Wouldn't typically have an ice lolly - usually after tea he'd have yoghurt and a bowl of strawberries or an apple or a banana

WigWamBam Wed 20-Jul-05 22:03:59

Slice of toast or a bowl of cereal for breakfast followed by a piece of fruit if she's still hungry

Sometimes some more fruit mid-morning, usually nothing at all.

Something like a sandwich (2 slices of bread) and salad, or a small pizza and salad for lunch, followed by a yogurt or some rice pudding.

Snack after getting home from pre-school, maybe a biscuit, a small cake, or some fruit.

Tea would be something cooked, chicken hot-pot, risotto, fish with veg and potatoes, with something like bananas and custard, jelly, yogurt or fruit for a pudding.

Supper is a bowl of cereal, jam sandwich or piece of toast.

If she wants anything else at any other time, it's usually fruit. She has a packet of crisps a couple of times a week as either a mid-morning or afternoon snack, and she has a few sweets once a week as well.

charliecat Wed 20-Jul-05 22:04:58

a bowl of cereal

fruit, yoggy, sarnie and crisps in lunchbox...only eats crisps so has the rest of food reluctanly after 1pm
whinges hungry all day

doesnt eat dinner, regardless of what it is....whinges again

Thinking of cramming in some fruit for breaky. Milk and biscuits are a treat if they have ate something.

Tommy Wed 20-Jul-05 22:07:07

my (tall) 3 and a half year old today ate
Organix cereal bar with beaker of milk
Farleys teddy biscuit
slice of toast and butter, 2 veggie hot dog sausages, 2 slices of cucumber and an apple
one sandwich with just butter, one packet of Laughing Cow cheese and bread sticks and 2 chocolate footballs.

...and today was a good day

lilaclotus Wed 20-Jul-05 22:12:09

breakfast: toast or cereal, a glass of milk.

snack: banana or melon

lunch: jam sandwich, yogurt, an apple, cheddar cut into sticks (only way she will eat cheese atm), a little kinder chocolate bar. fruit juice

snack at nursery: milk and piece of fruit or carrotsticks

tea: potato & veg & quorn/tofu/egg meal or pasta with veg with milk or fruit juice.

a cup of water is always on the coffee table if she wants a drink. sometimes she gets a treat after eating her tea.

zubb Wed 20-Jul-05 22:20:32

breakfast - 2 weetabix and a banana, or a couple of pieces of toast and jam, or one or two croissants and jam.
snack - at pre-school so could be fruit or cheese, or something they've made
lunch - sandwich (2 pieces of bread) always philadelphia and marmite, cheese cubes, yoghurt
snack - usually a biscuit
dinner - whatever we have - tonight was chilli and brown rice, his favourite is carrot / brocolli / potato and pie, then fruit if he wants.

Nixz Wed 20-Jul-05 23:02:09

My 4 1/2 year old -
yesterdays food (she was in bursery today)
Breakfast - banana mashed into 2 yoghurts, 4 jelly babies, flavoured water and a special k bar and a bowl of homemade strawberry ice cream.
Snack - apple, 2 jammy dogems and a frozen yoghurt thingy
Lunch - a burger at her friends house, actually a 1/4 pounder which she ate 3/4 of!
Snacks - a billion flavoured water ice pops and a snack sausage roll and 1/2 punnet of grapes.
Dinner - cod fillett, homemade brown rice and veg rissotto
snack - A zillion of them ice pops again
supper - a variety of fruit with a bowl of youghurt which sh dips her fruit.
Can you imagine my shopping bill!

Nixz Wed 20-Jul-05 23:03:13

ooops i forgot - Grandad came with a huuuuuuge milky bar.

marialuisa Thu 21-Jul-05 08:48:16

Yesterday she had:

branflakes with skimmed milk, raisins and tsp of honey, glass of OJ

banana and water after tennis lesson

cold chicken, carrot sticks and cherry toms, small flapjack, water at lunch

water, apple and grapes mid-afternoon

stirfried squid with broccoli, courgette, aubergine, red pepper and cashew nuts, egg noodles and tomato salsa; peaches and strawberry jelly for pud, water to drink.

She has a good appetite(!) and is pretty active.

foxinsocks Thu 21-Jul-05 09:36:53

yesterday she had

breakfast - 2 slices of toast with strawberry jam (or she has a big bowl of coco hoops without milk)

snack (at school) - small banana and a carrot

lunch - 2 mini rolls with mackerel pate, an apricot, juice carton, half a small yoghurt, half a small pork pie, a bit of lettuce

after school - an iced doughnut

dinner - half a lamb chop, about 3 large florets of broccoli and 3 of cauliflower, one boiled new potato and as much gravy as she could cram in on top
pudding - a chocolate mini milk and an apple

hoxtonchick Thu 21-Jul-05 09:45:07

ds is 3.5 & weighs 20kg (only know that as i weighed him this morning....).

he has granary toast with marmite or peanut butter plus fruit for breakfast, with a beaker of milk.

breadsticks or rice cakes or fruit as snacks

pitta bread, cucumber, tomatoes, cheese, maybe some hummus for lunch. or a variation on this theme. likes quiche at the moment. fruit &/or yoghurt afterwards.

for supper, he eats things like home-mdae fishcakes or meatballs with potatoes/rice & veg (especially green beans). or pasta. last night he requested a bbq, & ate a whole corn on the cob, a sausage, grilled haloumi cheese, bread & a pack jelly babies!

oh, & he has an ice-cream most days at the moment.

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