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Recipes for prawns

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cori Wed 20-Jul-05 15:21:18

I have a bag of prawns in the freezer that I want to use for tonights dinner. Any Ideas? I dont feel like a stirfry.

dyzzidi Wed 20-Jul-05 15:27:41

Put some Cajun spices on them and fry really quickly then serve hot in pitta bread with sourcream and a huge side salad.

bundle Wed 20-Jul-05 15:30:37

we like tom yum soup (you can get a jar of the base for this hot/sour soup in waitrose) with loads of shredded cabbage, chopped mushrooms, onions etc and lob in prawns at the end. then add a squeeze of lime juice and some chopped coriander.

okapi Wed 20-Jul-05 15:35:57


cori Wed 20-Jul-05 16:30:59

am off to waitrose in a few minutes so might try the Tom yum soup.

cori Wed 20-Jul-05 16:31:26

cajun spice one sounds nice too.

bundle Wed 20-Jul-05 16:31:57

it's pretty hot stuff but if you like that sort of thing it's quick & easy for using up leftovers

bundle Wed 20-Jul-05 16:32:16

could also do prawn fishcakes

cori Wed 20-Jul-05 18:52:31

mm Dh is doing a Risotto, thanks for the ideas.

trefusis Wed 20-Jul-05 19:03:27

Message withdrawn

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