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Packed Lunches

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Alannah Tue 19-Jul-05 11:06:14

Does anyone here chose to send their kids lunch in with them (ie to avoid the dodgy school dinners)and if so what do you pack?

TwinSetAndPearls Tue 19-Jul-05 11:10:20

Dd school meals ahve got a lot better so we are trying her on school dinners for a while. But she used to get things like
chicken drumsticks
pasta salad
carrot sticks with a dip
cherry tomatoes
stewed rhubarb or apple
sandwiches cut into shapes
Little sausages

Sometimes I would just give her leftovers from the night before as she starts nursery at dinner time so could take a hot meal in.

Alannah Tue 19-Jul-05 11:20:04

Sounds tasty 'round your house TSAP

spykid Tue 19-Jul-05 11:23:28

ds1 has a peanut butter or a jam sarnie(omly ones he will eat!)
and a choice of;
raisins, tub of dried fruit
cocktail sausages
tinned fruit
chocolate bar
cherry tomatoes
mini pepperami
breadsticks with dairylea
mini pork pie
portion of fruit
All depends on how long ago I ahve been to the supermarket!

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