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Recommend a blender to puree baby food?

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katerey Fri 12-Mar-10 11:00:20

I am expecting DD3 in a few weeks and struggled with the previous 2 to find a blender that would puree small amounts of food. Our kitchen one is too big, the hand blender always seems to leave massive lumps...
Has anyone tried one of those food mills?

weegiemum Fri 12-Mar-10 11:05:03

My advice would be - don't bother.

Do BLW or just mash it up - espcially with 2 older dds, pureeing is a huge amount of bother.

I did the puree route with dd1 and ds, BLW with dd2 and she is the best eater of the 3 of them.

Whoamireally Fri 12-Mar-10 11:05:44

I tried the Annabel Karmel food mill from Boots. Biggest load of plastic crap I have ever bought - so recommend avoidance grin

You sound like you are very experienced with the hand blender so have no desire to teach you to suck eggs on top of it all wink but have you tried adding a little more liquid when you puree as I find that normally gets rid of the lumps? Or do it in a big tall container rather than a short flat one?

BooKangerooWonders Fri 12-Mar-10 11:13:11

stick blender and pyrex jug worked best for me.

although we did get a free mini-blender with a food processor from argos. I kept getting the lid stuck and couldn't get the food out, and I think dc3 picked up lots of naughty words before she could even speak properly

TeaOneSugar Sat 13-Mar-10 15:05:23

A hand blender did the job for me (DD is 6 now, so I weaned before BLW was invented) This one

ProudasPunch Sat 13-Mar-10 15:18:09

I second Teaonesugar's suggestion. It's the herb chopping attachment that's the bees knees (shown in picture on link)

mummytowillow Sat 13-Mar-10 21:01:39

I used a Beaba Babycook it steams it all then purees it, wasn't cheap, but its for sale if your interested!!! Cheeky I know!

katerey Mon 15-Mar-10 08:11:23

That's great ladies thankyou. Not a bad return for my first mumsnet post! I did look at those babycooks but seemed a lot of money for what it was - be a different thing if we were just starting out, but this is probably our last baby.
Thanks for all your advice!

TrinityIsFuckingTrying Mon 15-Mar-10 08:14:05

dont bother with a blender

wait till six months

then give a bit off your plate into a bowl

bobs you uncle

LeSingeEstDansLarbre Mon 15-Mar-10 08:14:34

the nhs doesn't say you should puree any more, they're saying mash food with a fork and offer finger food as soon as the child can take it. trynig to create an ultra smooth puree is a big fat waste of your time, you really don't need to do it. (esp if you do [[ blw)

LeSingeEstDansLarbre Mon 15-Mar-10 08:15:04


ProudasPunch Mon 15-Mar-10 20:08:56

I'm more for a mix of blw style and puree tho# I'd like to show deepest respect to the Eddie Izzard inspired name.

LeSingeEstDansLarbre Tue 16-Mar-10 09:09:31

thanks. he's a total hero since that marathon thing, whereas before i just adored him.

oh yes, like i say, the nhs says a mix of mash and finger food, that seems fine to me. i linked to my site because it's got good 'they actually don't choke' stuff in it. grin

nct73 Wed 17-Mar-10 22:16:46

Baby puree stage is very short so agree dont buy specific baby food one. Personally I love my fake Magic Bullet A friend recommended it to me when I was expecting DD1 nearly 4 years ago. It is still going strong. Am in process of weaning DS 9 mo. Started BLW but he got very frustrated & was eager for more food than he could manage himself so introduced puree too. It is great for small amounts & very quick. DD hates sauces with lumps so find it good for doing vegetable/tomato sauces too. This has different sizes of 'cup'. I find the smoothie cups great for all the family.

ThatVikRinA22 Wed 17-Mar-10 23:31:48

ive just spent £4.80 on a Tesco Value hand blender and its absolutely brilliant.

id get one on those. brill for soups etc after the baby food. seriously cannot go wrong for the money - i got one for soups and its fabulous!

squareheadcut Thu 05-Feb-15 14:16:30

Yes I used a value hand blender for my son and now I am going to use it again for my daughter who is at weaning stage now.

barabra16 Wed 01-Mar-17 22:14:13

Karmin makes the best blender in my opinion smile

1frenchfoodie Thu 02-Mar-17 14:41:14

It is not worth buying something specifically for this - though a cheapy stick blender (5 or so) is justified in our house for soups alone. Just mash with a fork or cut up small if you really don't fancy BLW chunks.

We do a mix with our 10 month old - chunks keep her occupied but we don't always have an hour+ to sit and supervise her nibbling so we have a mashed version for speed.

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