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How much are you feeding your 9 month old?

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Distracted Sun 17-Jul-05 17:52:01

My ds is often still hungry after I've fed him and I'm not too sure just how much I should be feeding him at this age?

If I gave him jars then he would have a full 4 month size savoury jar and a 4 month jar of fruit for pudding for lunch and tea.

With homemade purees it's hard to say what he's having as the size of ice cubes varies hugely. With my really large ice cubes then he has 4-5 per course, so 4-5 savoury and 4-5 sweet for one meal (for more standard size cubes it would be a good 6 cubes per course, maybe more).

One reason I'm using 4 month jars (for when I go out) is because there aren't currently any 7 month jars that he can eat, as we've had a lot of food intolerance problems and are having to introduce new foods very slowly (he only had meat for the first time 3 days ago, for example).

What quantity do other people feed their 9 month olds?

He's approximately 21 lb weight, by the way, maybe more and has 3 x 7 oz bottles of milk during the day as well as 3 meals, although it's not uncommon for him to cry at the end of a bottle too, so that I sometimes have to go and get him another 4 oz or more.

When I weaned my dd (now 3 1/4) if she finished her food then next day I would prepare a larger quantity, so that I knew she had always had enough. However, with ds I'm a bit worried that he'd just eat and eat!

Distracted Mon 18-Jul-05 09:10:34


hunkermunker Mon 18-Jul-05 09:20:13

A 7-month jar is much bigger than a 4-month jar - if you were using those, you'd be giving him a whole one and he'd no doubt eat it all.

I'd give him equal quantity to one of those - or try fingers foods? Food intolerances don't mean he can't have lumpier food and 4-month jars aren't lumpy!

Distracted Mon 18-Jul-05 09:32:45

Thanks hunkermunker, I am trying to make my homemade purees more lumpy (although it's difficult with fruit) and he's not too bad with those, sounds like I need to increase quantity then.

Finger foods haven't been too successful yet. Tried rice cakes (which were a great first finger food with dd), but he shoves too much in mouth and then when it breaks off into soggy bits he inhales them & chokes. Paediatrician (who saw re. intolerances) recommended baby biscuits, which I don't like as they have sugar, but have bought some and been trying over weekend. They are better as they dissolve into soggy crumbs and he just about copes, with intermittant gagging and having to spit bits out. Think will persevere with those for a while before trying cooked fruit & veg finger foods as he would just bite off a chunk and choke (he has 4 front teeth now).

highlander Mon 18-Jul-05 09:38:42

crikey, that's way more than my 10 month old is eating! DS gets 2 'meaty' ice cubes with 2 smaller veggie cubes at lunchtime. Tea is 2 veggies cubes with a small amount of pasta.

Pudding is either 3 fruity cubes or 2 tablespoons of yoggie with some raw fruit mashed in (1 strawberry for example).

Breakfast is about 1 1/2 tablespoons of Readybrek with EBM and 1 fruity cube.

Between meals he gets a quarter of a breadstick and as much water/BF as he wants. I think he enjoys playing with it (the breadstick!) more than anything else.

Your DS is a good weight though despite his intolerances?

charleepeters Mon 18-Jul-05 09:42:35

DS is 10 months he has

6am 80z bottle
9am 2 wheat a bix
10am juice and nap
12pm toast and bannana
2pm 8oz bottle
3pm juice and nap
4pm soup/stew something savory and youghurt
6.30pm 8oz bottle in bed

hes a bit chubby though but gets hungry if he has any less!

hunkermunker Mon 18-Jul-05 09:57:25

Not all baby biscuits contain sugar - try the Baby Organix animal ones. They only have grape juice in them.

charleepeters Mon 18-Jul-05 09:59:05

Forg ot to add - DS has a dairy intolerence and doesnt wiegh nearly as much as the average 10 month old1 17lb 2oz

beansprout Mon 18-Jul-05 10:11:36

Ds is 8.5months and is eating loads atm. Do they have a growth spurt around now? He makes it clear when he doesn't want anymore so I just going with him for now, but people keep commenting on how much he is eating

I have the same thing with finger foods, lots of biting off a big bit and then choking. I do keep trying but I really don't like it!

Distracted Mon 18-Jul-05 11:39:43

Oh it seems quite varied in amounts (I suppose that's to be expected)!

Re -biscuits, the baby organix ones are from 12 months, and given the way he chokes on everything, I bought the 4 month rusk type biscuits. Never used rusks for dd, don't particularly like them, but seems to be the easiest finger food for a baby who chokes easily?

Beansprout - what finger foods have you tried?

Highlander - he is a good weight, looks quite chubby, certainly not 'failing to thrive'and I think we're getting through the intolerance probs (may, hopefully, have been temporary due to gut infection, but has put us back a lot).

fredly Tue 19-Jul-05 15:33:57

at that age they need about 240g of food 4 times/day. But that's an average. You have to take growth spurts into account, my dd has just had one and I'm pretty she was having more that than at each meal ! Personnally I keep feeding her until she's full, but she's not greedy so she wouldn't stuff herself without being really hungry. She's 10mths BTW.

nannyjo Tue 19-Jul-05 15:39:39

My DS is nearly 10 months, he has...

6oz bottle
3 cubes fruit with cereal and milk
9 cubes savoury then 5 cubes fruit with youghurt for lunch
6 oz bottle
8 cubes savoury then 5 cubes fruit and a biscuit for tea
7 oz bottle

He eats well but was premature so is till a lttle diddy thing. (19 pounds)

beansprout Tue 19-Jul-05 15:43:33

Distracted - have tired rice cakes, pitta bread, carrot, apple, toast, cucumber.... er, think that's it!

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