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Do you sterilise your feeding bowls and storage bowls ?

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Ruthiebaby Fri 15-Jul-05 14:47:16

My DS is 5 mths old and we've just started weaning.

I always sterilise my ds feeding bowls & spoons before he uses them. Is this necessary ?

Should I also be sterilising all the stuff I use to freeze the food in and heat it up in ?

emmatmg Fri 15-Jul-05 14:48:50

I steralise Ds1 spoons and bowls about twice when i weaned him and realised what a faff it was.

Didn't bother again and never did with ds2+3

ja9 Fri 15-Jul-05 14:48:59

I don't think so - i didnt. i think its only important that you keep sterilising bottles and teats that have had milk in them.

Twiglett Fri 15-Jul-05 14:49:18

of course not

Twiglett Fri 15-Jul-05 14:49:50

sorry didn't mean to sound all knowledgeable just meant to give you a straightforward answer

should have said .. no need

jibberjabber Fri 15-Jul-05 14:50:07

I never did. I used hot soapy water, air dried on kitchen towel. Blimey with the amount of food I used to make (DS would not eat from a a jar unfortunately ) I never would of left the house if I had done all that!

collision Fri 15-Jul-05 14:50:59

No and as soon as they start picking things up and putting them in their mouths, sterilising is a complete waste of time.

Did bottles for a while with ds1 and hardly anything with ds2.

kama Fri 15-Jul-05 14:51:52

Message withdrawn

Ruthiebaby Fri 15-Jul-05 14:52:43

Ok - well this makes my life much easier !!!


aloha Fri 15-Jul-05 14:52:54

No, just wash them well in hot soapy water or the dishwasher.

frogs Fri 15-Jul-05 14:54:28

Check out this thread .

fishfinger Fri 15-Jul-05 15:00:29

er no

Ruthiebaby Fri 15-Jul-05 15:01:17

Ack - I thought you had to sterilise everything and I went and gave these bowls I bought to the cat for her food as they said you couldn't sterilise in a microwave.


alison222 Fri 15-Jul-05 15:53:21

I did for my first and then after watching what was going in his mouth non foodwise soon stopped.
Cant remember for DD - probably not - only the bottles that she didn't ever take.

GetMakosiorVanessaorOrlaithOut Fri 15-Jul-05 15:54:25

Never ever sterilised bowls or spoons, only bottles

fsmail Fri 15-Jul-05 21:52:55

Only every did bottles. They need some germs to be healthy

biglips Fri 15-Jul-05 22:00:29

i stopped sterilising when DD turned 7 months (recommend 6 months though but i forgot she turned 7 months!! time flies by)

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