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Managed a new food today...success!

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katymac Thu 14-Jul-05 21:46:34

I have quite bad IBS and find by eating the same foods (over and over again) I can keep my IBS under control.

I am also quite faddy and often can't eat something if I don't like the smell. - my mum thinks this is to do with my IBS

And I also have problems with milk stuff (which maybe the IBS or not as I've always had it)

So when I brave something new and manage it (without and after effects) i feel very pleased with my self.

So today I combined cheshire cheese (previously only eaten with Jam) with a vegetable sandwich (peppers/onion/mushroom/tomatoes in Soy Sauce)

So extra vegetable (mushroom - previously eaten and no aftereffects) and cheese (smell issue and milk product)with a savory = major success

Isn't it sad that something so simple has such an impact on my life

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