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URGENT - What is a quarter of a cup in Uk measures?

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Puff Thu 14-Jul-05 17:01:40

Doing a marinade and its an American recipe....anyone know?

morningpaper Thu 14-Jul-05 17:02:11

It's still a quarter of a cup

Puff Thu 14-Jul-05 17:03:19

what size cup though mp?

morningpaper Thu 14-Jul-05 17:04:17

I use a normal smallish tea-cup

Puff Thu 14-Jul-05 17:04:51

Great, thank you

WigWamBam Thu 14-Jul-05 17:05:50

1 American cup = 8 ounces so a quarter of a cup would be 2 ounces.

morningpaper Thu 14-Jul-05 17:06:26

volume not weight though

Carlk Thu 14-Jul-05 17:07:12


Ameriscot2005 Thu 14-Jul-05 17:09:59

A cup is 8 fluid ounces, so a quarter cup is 2 fluid ounces or approx. 50 - 60 mililitres, or 4 tablespoons.

Puff Thu 14-Jul-05 17:38:44

Done the marinade now - for swordfish - v scrummy it is too! Thanks all.

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