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I know this has been done before but I can't find it for the life of me so...

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Flossam Wed 13-Jul-05 20:56:47

Please excuse the long title

How much do you spend roughly a week on your food shopping. Mine is working out to be 80 - 100 atm, not including anything for DS. Planning to try and puree our dinners for him, but DP and I work opposite shifts and neither of us cook when the other isn't home. Is this too much? I think it is isn't it. Please tell me roughly what you spend so I can have a rethink!

nailpolish Wed 13-Jul-05 20:58:27

floss, is spend £70 (at most) on shopping for me, dh and 2 dd's, im skint at the mo so i meal plan and write a list, not straying from list at all. it really works

LipstickMum Wed 13-Jul-05 21:01:44

I spend the same as you Flossam. But that does include everything, food for dd1 who is 2, she eats with us most nights. If I haven't got something for dinner every night included in that bill, I'm p*ssed off

tiffini Wed 13-Jul-05 21:03:51

I spend about £120 a week, but that includes anything from a supermarket like toiletries and I have 3 children.

emmatmg Wed 13-Jul-05 21:05:31

between £90-£120 per week, 2 adult, 3 children

Flossam Wed 13-Jul-05 21:09:46

I think it might be my method that is causing problems. I try to buy all bulky things once a month from tescos delivery. That usually comes to over 100, then I pop to the supermarket 2 - 3 times a week to buy food like fresh fish, meat etc. Perhaps it would be cheaper to do bi monthly deliveries from tesco, choosing the cheaper delivery days and buy everything I need. What do you think? Also we only give DS organic food, but perhaps this is too expensive for us. I feel really stongly about it, but we could save about 25 a month to do it normally. I am using jars but i've not yet managed to get into the habit of pureeing things we eat yet.

charleepeters Wed 13-Jul-05 21:11:06

OMG! you all apen that much a WEEK! i spend £120 at them most on shopping a month!

Flossam Wed 13-Jul-05 21:11:39

But how do you do it???? Please!

jessicaandbumpsmummy Wed 13-Jul-05 21:12:45

i spend £120 at tescos delivery a month on pay day and then bread/milk etc as and when..... probabyl no more than £240 a month!

lou33 Wed 13-Jul-05 21:13:30

about £85 a week for 6 of us

charleepeters Wed 13-Jul-05 21:15:35

I shop at asda, we have i tiny freezer so i fill it with meat and a few frozen veggies. i but mostly cupboard food, like rice, pasta ect. i but all asdas own things if i buy processed, the rest i make from scratch.

angie0201 Wed 13-Jul-05 21:16:22

about 50 a week for dh and dd

jessicaandbumpsmummy Wed 13-Jul-05 21:17:29

CP - we are soooooo alike its scary!!! But then im only feedin me, dh and jess.... and to be honest, she doesnt eat an awful lot!

fishfinger Wed 13-Jul-05 21:17:54

150 A WEEK

Flossam Wed 13-Jul-05 21:34:05

FF is that how much you spend or are you in shock!

mandyc66 Wed 13-Jul-05 21:59:32

anything up to 150!!!

mandyc66 Wed 13-Jul-05 22:01:33

I dont seem to buy much either!!! Try to keep it cheap but pop in and get this and that!! Worse now ds3 wants to walk and the trolley gets things put in that i dont notice!!!! Shop at Asda though and George is sooooo tempting!!!!

charleepeters Wed 13-Jul-05 22:03:11

Im only feeding Me, Dp and Ds, and hes the same age as Jess - wow were simillar

Crazymama Wed 13-Jul-05 22:03:48

Budget is 40 per week for 2 adults, 1 child.

mandyc66 Wed 13-Jul-05 22:08:03

well there are 7 of us plus a dog rabbit and hamster!!!!!

collision Wed 13-Jul-05 22:09:33

That sounds like a lot to me Floss.

Why not do a meal plan?

For example,

Mon- Spag Bol......mince, carrots, onions, tomatoes, garlic, spaghetti (Set aside some in a pan without salt for ds and puree it. Do enough so he can have it again on Wed)

Tue - Chicken with potatoes and veg.....Chicken, potatoes, carrots and peas and gravy (Set aside some for ds without salt and puree it. He can have it again on Thurs)

Wed - Fish with mushroom sauce, roast potatoes, sweetcorn (same again for ds)

Etc etc

It is all about planning ahead. TBH I really dont think IMO that organic is that important but if it is to you then that is fine. It is expensive though and if you cant afford it then why bother at the moment? Try and do meals that you can all eat and freeze.

Shepherds Pie
Tuna and Sweetcorn Pasta Bake
Roast Dinners


mandyc66 Wed 13-Jul-05 22:15:47

I try to do menus. it does help and makes cooking easier too!

Ruthiebaby Thu 14-Jul-05 10:06:05

approx £40 for me, ds and dh.

Ruthiebaby Thu 14-Jul-05 10:06:34

per week, not per month

bambi06 Thu 14-Jul-05 10:51:10

i found that when i did an internet shop at asda it was a lot lot less!!because i couldnt browse and buy stuff i didnt need! so i may be tempted to go back to that and only buy fresh fruit and veg myself at local shop which is better quality than supermarkets anyway.i love those little turkish shops.mmmm

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