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Do you let your children have chocolate spread??

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swiperfox Wed 13-Jul-05 09:25:29

I am running out of things to try and give dd for breakfast. She is a nightmare and won't eat any cereals. I have so far managed to get her to eat some toast but the last few days she's starting to say she doesn't like it so i need something to make her eat at least some toast!!
Have tried jam, marmite, cheese, lemon curd, just butter, you name it she's had it!! I've deliberately avoided chocolate spread but am thinking it might be the one thing she'll eat!
Is it really really bad for them??

katierocket Wed 13-Jul-05 09:26:46

would she eat eggs?
croissants (although not that healthy)

Choc spread like everything else, ok in moderation I expect but probably not great every day.

emkana Wed 13-Jul-05 09:28:44

My children are allowed chocolate spread at the weekend.

As an aside though, why don't you decide on say three things you think would be good for her to have for breakfast, and then you say to her "you can have a, b or c, what do you want?" And if she doesn't want any then tough... I'm sure in time she'll realize that she better make a choice othewise she'll go hungry. How old is she?

swiperfox Wed 13-Jul-05 09:29:29

she wont eat eggs. I might get a way with a boiled egg and soldiers if i just made it without asking her but i doubt she'd eat it all.

The other two she wont touch!

swiperfox Wed 13-Jul-05 09:30:31

emkana she wont give in to that, she'll happily have nothing!! She's 3.7 and sooooo stubborn!!

Flamesparrow Wed 13-Jul-05 09:31:11

I don't have it at home, but she eats it at other people's houses.

At the end of the day though... Jam is just piles of sugar too.

emkana Wed 13-Jul-05 09:32:08

Would it really be so bad though if she went a day or two without breakfast?

katierocket Wed 13-Jul-05 09:32:48

only certain jams Flamsparrow

sorrel Wed 13-Jul-05 09:34:09

just at w/end. during week its porridge or compromise cereal like weetabix minis with raisins, cheerios or every few months and for good behaviour cocopops. she also likes cinnamon grahams but haven't checked back of packet yet so not sure about those.
what about beans on toast ?
or go to fruit farm and pick your own for making jam with her. getting involved in process of making food tends to help ime.

gingerbear Wed 13-Jul-05 09:34:27

DD has took a liking to strips of wholemeal pitta bread for breakfast - just dry, and a dairylea triangle.

WideWebWitch Wed 13-Jul-05 09:34:40

No I don't. If I were to buy it I just KNOW ds would start refusing peanut butter, cucumber, marmite and other things he has on toast/in sandwiches. What about egg? Scrambled? I honestly wouldn't go down the choc spread route - imo that's how you end up with parents who say 'oh she won't eat anything but white bread jam sandwiches' - she wouldn't if she hadn't been given them in the first place IMO!

WideWebWitch Wed 13-Jul-05 09:35:14


gingerbear Wed 13-Jul-05 09:35:53

Would she eat fruit for brekky? DD loves it if I make a fruit salad or even better a strawberry smoothie (handful of strawberries, a little sugar and milk in the blender)

suzywong Wed 13-Jul-05 09:36:51

so I let them have chocolate spread???

well ds2, 22 mo, had his face from chin to brow in the top of a kilo jar this morning as well as wielding two teaspooms. He's a shrimp and he needs building up and I figured if you cant have a nutella beard at that age then when can you?

Why has it been decided it is the devil's work, chocolate spread of a morning?

katierocket Wed 13-Jul-05 09:37:45

who said anything about it being the devil's work SW?

Nemo1977 Wed 13-Jul-05 09:38:15

what about something like pain au chocolate..croissants with choccie in the ds has these for a snack and they can be either warm or cold.

Kayleigh Wed 13-Jul-05 09:39:02

Chocolate spread only allowed on birthdays and xmas day in our house ! They are also allowed it if we are staying in a hotel, for example when we go to Leeds to visit dh's family.

Have you tried crumpets ? Will she eat a bread and butter sandwich? Or just bread & butter soldiers. To my mind if bread is toasted or not it's still the same.

Will she eat dried cereals. ds2 doesn't eat cereal with milk but will eat dried shreddies or rice krispies.

Flamesparrow Wed 13-Jul-05 09:39:49

I can't criticise... DD's eaten jaffa cakes and nik naks for breakfast this morning because it is all I can stand the smell of!!!

I do think WWW has got a point... DD would eat whole apples happily until people started peeling them for her, now she picks at the skin... she would eat crusts until "nice" people cut them off.

emkana Wed 13-Jul-05 09:40:08

Crumpets contain lots of salt.

Www said exactly what I was trying to say.

Flamesparrow Wed 13-Jul-05 09:41:05

DD loves dry Cranberry Wheat things from tesco at the moment... they are sweet with the cranberry so she likes em.

Kayleigh Wed 13-Jul-05 09:41:09

ooohhh emkana didn't know that about the salt in crumpets. Will have to look at labelling.

TinyGang Wed 13-Jul-05 09:42:01

Yes, ours have it on toast for breakfast (a bit meanly spread though, it's true!). Try and make it a better thing by having nice wholemeal toast, if your dd will eat it.

We're a bit hit and miss with eating at breakfast - but they do drink a lot of milk instead whizzed up with a banana as a smoothie, which they love.

I figure that as long as they have that, it's better than nothing and over the day they eat well - I don't let them graze to make up for not having breakfast. I've gone on and ON about 'eat your breakfast..' some mornings and got quite worried about it; but if they just won't eat I can't force them and we don't have time to drag it all out.

I started a breakfast thread a while ago - I'll see if I can find it, there were some good ideas on it.

Flamesparrow Wed 13-Jul-05 09:44:13

Could it just be that she's not a breakfast child?

I've never been one for breakfast much, and as soon as I was old enough to be allowed to choose for myself, I stopped eating it most days.

If I get up at 7, then I can sometimes stomach it by about 9, but not normally before.

NotQuiteCockney Wed 13-Jul-05 09:44:59

My kids really love American-style pancakes, which are a bit of a faff (I make them with 2/3 wholewheat flour, so they're not too unhealthy), but we often compromise and have French toast - brown bread soaked in a mix of egg and milk, then fried. Very popular.

swiperfox Wed 13-Jul-05 09:45:34

www you are so right!

I had forgotten all about crumpets - she went through a phase of loving those then got bored so might try them again - although will check the salt thing out.

Smoothies would be a fab idea too. She's addicted to strawberries at the mo si i could do strawb and nana ...... are the smoothie makers expensive?

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