What is the reason for some ready meals stating that you should not reheat,and would you ignore!!

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sandyballs Sat 06-Feb-10 21:15:56

Had 9 friends round for dinner last night. Ended up a bit stressed during the week with work and kids so ordered Waitrose entertaining beef sroganoff and their galricky potatoe stuff, and I made my own roasted veg, god hard that was hard grin.

Anyway, quite a lot left, although it was lovely, it is in the fridge and the notes say do not reheat. Would you ignore.

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debka Sat 06-Feb-10 21:17:40

yes. probably shouldn't, and wouldn't give it to my dd but hate waste!

lou031205 Sat 06-Feb-10 21:23:30

I think because it has already been cooked, and so it was cooked once, reheated once.

Had you cooked it yourself, it would have been cooked once, so you can then reheat it once (the second day).

I think that is the general rule:

Freeze once; defrost once; cook once; reheat once.

sandyballs Sat 06-Feb-10 21:35:57

Thanks for replies. Prob shoudn't really but like you say hate waste, better than being ill though!

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bacon Sun 07-Feb-10 12:56:25

I always ignore, I reheat everything. The reason behind it is for the plebs out there who do not store properly and dont reheat properly - nanny state I'm afraid. Never known anyone being ill from reheated food. I do it for the children. How many people reheat their takeaways??? loads and they have probably been cooked twice to three times.

As long as you store to the correct temp and reheat hot then to me its fine. I hate waste hence nothing is wasted in our household!

Sorry to say the opposite to the others.

sandyballs Mon 08-Feb-10 14:44:11

Bugger, I threw it away last night! Wish I'd read your reply before that Bacon as I do agree with you but felt a bit nervous about it for some reason. DH doesn't help as he is over anxious about anything to do with food.

I could have had that for dinner tonight grin

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