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how to freeze fruit...the lazy way!

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babyonboard Fri 08-Jul-05 22:40:13

I tend to go a bit crazy at our market on a saturday buying fresh fruit and find it goes off very quickly.
bargains are hard to resist..last weekend i got a whole crate of cherries for £1 and a watermelon for £1.50...often come home with a carrier bag full of grapes or something much to my bfs amusement.
I was wondering if i can just bung them in the freezer and have them thaw out and be edible..
had a look online and there are suggestions of boiling it up and adding glycerine et cwhich seems like a lot of hassle
anyone have any idea?

nannyjo Fri 08-Jul-05 22:42:42

make some fruit crumbles and freeze them, not v. lazy way though.

Frozen fruit taste naff though, never as good as the fresh stuff, it foes all soggy.

Stew some of it then freeze that and defrost it and serve with youghurts etc or then make it in to a crumble when you have time.

Going on now....

limoncello Fri 08-Jul-05 23:15:47

The higher the water content the mor diffiuclt it is to freeze and thaw successfully, it will always be watery. But with soft fruits, strawberries, gooseberries etc you can open freeze on a tray and then put in bags and suck the air out.

giraffeski Fri 08-Jul-05 23:22:24

Message withdrawn

SoupDragon Sat 09-Jul-05 09:41:32

I puree fruit and freeze it to make smoothies with, Makes them cold enough to freeze your tonsils when you drink them

I also freeze bananas to bake with (peeled, not pureed) or stick in smoohies.

babyonboard Sat 09-Jul-05 16:14:09

yeh..i thought this morning, if i use the fruit for smoothies then it doesn't matter if it goes soggy or not as i will be mashing it to bits after!
have gotten myself a bargain smoothie maker in the john lewis sale...and the usual mountains of fruit today..can't wait!

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