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Right girls, have been invited to bbq by chef mum and need to bring 'nibbly things'

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Enid Fri 08-Jul-05 18:08:00

So I am going all alpha mom and want to make some easy, stylish canape type things, nothing try-hard.

Suggestions pleeeeeeeeeeeease?

starlover Fri 08-Jul-05 18:13:14

bag of kettle chips

soapbox Fri 08-Jul-05 18:14:19

Buy a packet of croustade shells, some sandwich fillers from the chilled counter and fill the shells with the sandwich filler.

I've done tuna and mayo with a sprinkling of paprika, smoked salmon and cream cheese with a bit of dill and salsa (home made) with coriander to garnish. Looks very profesional!

Also cocktail sticks with cherry tomato and mini mozerrela boll with a basil leaf is nice. Can go retro and put them in the grapefruit half to make a hedgehog.

Blinis with smoked salmon, cream cheese and caviar.

Breadsticks with proscuitto ham twirled round the end.

swiperfox Fri 08-Jul-05 18:14:51

you could always get some satay chicken from the deli - they're yummy!!!!

Enid Fri 08-Jul-05 18:17:49

starlover go to the back of the class immediately and no smirking behind your hand young lady.

Blinis! Now there's an idea.

Nightynight Fri 08-Jul-05 18:24:45

little bits of stuff on cocktail sticks is always a winner. food looks good, and is easy to eat.

you can do it as soapbox suggests, or with bits of fruit.

starlover Fri 08-Jul-05 18:25:38

put them in a freezer bag and say you made them! lol

WideWebWitch Fri 08-Jul-05 18:29:46

Enid, you need to have a look at the starter selection on! Snigger at 'summer solstice cheese!'

WideWebWitch Fri 08-Jul-05 18:30:38

Beware though, they're not all by Nigella!

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