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what ever happened to........................................................

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almostanangel Fri 08-Jul-05 14:26:23

traffic light lollies with choc on

tarantula Fri 08-Jul-05 14:27:04

Im sure Ovaltine is still around Bought some when I was pg. Quite liked it then.

spidermama Fri 08-Jul-05 14:27:36


gigglinggoblin Fri 08-Jul-05 14:27:43

hedgehog crisps?

almostanangel Fri 08-Jul-05 14:28:15

was it granula and in a tin though>>??

Fimbo Fri 08-Jul-05 14:29:25

mint cracknell

almostanangel Fri 08-Jul-05 14:29:29

gold rush nugget bubble gum in little cloth drawstringbags

Fimbo Fri 08-Jul-05 14:29:42

galaxy counters

hanginginthere Fri 08-Jul-05 14:32:18

hedgehog crisps??????????????
you made that up????????!!!!!!!!!!

Do they still make curly wurlies?

QueenOfQuotes Fri 08-Jul-05 14:32:53

yep - still have curly wurlies - DS1 loves them

QueenOfQuotes Fri 08-Jul-05 14:33:32

and something else I'd 'forgotten' about until I spotted some in on the bottom shelf of our obscure corner shop was "Fudge" bars

almostanangel Fri 08-Jul-05 14:33:53

do you remember th adverts for flake?? ohh and cardboard in bounties

tarantula Fri 08-Jul-05 14:34:48

curly wurlies are still around just very small compared to when I was little (or is it maybe that I ahve grown). they are still yummy tho.

No AAA twas in a plastic jar kinda spoils the effect doesnt it. Sure its still lurking at the back of the cupboard too as I dont like it any more.

sweetmonkey Fri 08-Jul-05 14:34:50

i had a lemonade sparkler ice lolly the other day , havent had one for years!!!! yum

spidermama Fri 08-Jul-05 14:35:06

A finger of fudge is just enough to give your kids a treat.
A finger of fudge is just enough until it's time to eat.
>>>Remember that? Or am I very very old?

anorak Fri 08-Jul-05 14:35:16

Remember toffee crisps with plain chocolate? Yum!

Fimbo Fri 08-Jul-05 14:35:28

Mini sized Opal Fruits

QueenOfQuotes Fri 08-Jul-05 14:35:34

tarantula - they're the same size (curly wurlies) or at least the ones in our shop seem to be the same size

almostanangel Fri 08-Jul-05 14:35:45

aahhh! haunted house lollies with a ghost you could lick till it disapeered

almostanangel Fri 08-Jul-05 14:36:18

no fruit as chewy as frutella!!

Puff Fri 08-Jul-05 14:36:40


sweetmonkey Fri 08-Jul-05 14:36:52

those eyeball gobstoppers.
and the cheap white chocolate fish and chips
i miss them

QueenOfQuotes Fri 08-Jul-05 14:37:49

you can still get 'shrimps' in some small sweet shop s that sell the 'traditioanl' style sweets

expatinscotland Fri 08-Jul-05 14:38:20


MandM Fri 08-Jul-05 14:38:50

This is the website to answer all of these questions

I posted it on the favourite choccie thread a while ago but don't know if anyone had a look.

It is my fave website in the whole wide world!

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