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Can anyone recommend a book on weaning?

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Blondeinlondon Thu 07-Jul-05 09:44:54

Can anyone recommend a book on weaning?
I want one that starts at 6 months not the old style 4 months
Feeling completely clueless on the subject, HV not much help and as for my mother... "you had your first mars bar at 3mths" etc

compo Thu 07-Jul-05 09:46:06

Annabel Karmel books are really good. I also liked Lorraine Kelly's for brightly coloured pictures and easy recipes. Susie Oliver (think that is her name) also does a good one

compo Thu 07-Jul-05 09:48:32

also this one is very good
The best thing to do is have a look in the library before buying

CarolinaMoon Thu 07-Jul-05 10:07:29

I've got the Annabel Karmel feeding your baby and toddler book (from the library!). This edition (the revised one) is supposedly from 6 months but there's a lot more emphasis on baby rice etc than you perhaps need at 6 months. A lot of the baby recipes are basically just 2 or 3 purees mixed together, which you don't really need a book for.

Several MNers started their 6mo on finger foods (chunks of fruit or veg cooked till soft). I found purees were easier for me at the beginning though.

You could also try searching the archives for 'baby-led weaning', where you just leave the food in front of the baby for them to choose rather than trying to encourage yet another spoonful into them.

Dalesgirl Thu 07-Jul-05 10:11:41

As everyone says, Ms Karmel is good...I would buy it as it will come in handy at every stage of feeding. You can never have enough cookery books.

Vegetarian Baby and Toddler by Timperley is also good, it is the same style as Ms K's.

kikidee Thu 07-Jul-05 19:57:41

I used Gina Ford for the very early stages of weaning. She tells you exactly what to give each day for the first two months. The book I had started from 4 months so it's lots of baby rice and simple fruit and veg purees. I was weaning at 19 weeks so it was relevant for me. If you're starting at 6 months then you can maybe be a bit more relaxed about what you give.

I have several AK books and think they're very good but they're better for recipes once solids are established IMO.

hercules Thu 07-Jul-05 19:59:35

I found the bounty one really good and that's from 6 months. \you get it free from boots with a voucher from the first book.

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