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What can you do with egg yolks?

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expatkat Tue 05-Jul-05 20:32:09

Needed the whites for something, but don't want to waste the yolks. What can you make with them? And can they be frozen? (I seem to think not--only whites.) TIA.

morningpaper Tue 05-Jul-05 20:32:49

I leave them in bowls in the garden - the hedgehogs love them.

anorak Tue 05-Jul-05 20:32:56

egg custard

trefusis Tue 05-Jul-05 20:33:21

Message withdrawn

anorak Tue 05-Jul-05 20:33:44

i think nigella has a page on this in 'How to be a domestic goddess' I'll have a look.

morningpaper Tue 05-Jul-05 20:33:49

Yes I often cook dd spaghetti and toss an egg yokr in with a bit of grated cheese - instant carbonara.

gingerbear Tue 05-Jul-05 20:34:34

chocolate mousse
Egg nog

In spainish supermarkets they had tubs of tiny egg yolks for sale - what on earth they do with them I have no idea. Whymummy would know.

giraffeski Tue 05-Jul-05 20:34:42

Message withdrawn

giraffeski Tue 05-Jul-05 20:35:06

Message withdrawn

expatkat Tue 05-Jul-05 20:35:32

Wow--instant responses--I knew I could count on mumsnet.

Thanks for these suggestions--& anorak you're v. kind to check Nigella--I'm grateful. I don't have Domestic Goddess.

anorak Tue 05-Jul-05 20:37:07

right it's actually 'How To Eat'

hollandaise sauce
bearnaise sauce

WigWamBam Tue 05-Jul-05 20:37:14

Zabaglione. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

marne Tue 05-Jul-05 20:47:01

creme brule (dont know if spelt rite)
heat some double cream add to egg yolks, sugar and vinilla, put in small ramikin dishish and bake in oven in a dish/tray of water, then sprinkle with sugar, under the grill for 2 mins. Yummy yummy, ready to eat.

giraffeski Tue 05-Jul-05 20:52:37

Message withdrawn

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