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HELP HELP HELP - ds has stopped eating fruit/veg (teething?!)

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Eulalia Tue 05-Jul-05 19:37:13

Ds who turns 6 later this month has gradually stopped eating fruit and veg over the past 3 weeks. It started with him losing two front baby teeth which were wobbly and took ages to come out. I could understand him not eating his apple as obviously that is hard with wobbly teeth. However the teeth have been out for over a week now and he is still refusing fruit and veg. This extends to soft things like avocado which he was eating this time last week which couldn’t have hurt his teeth.

He’s not refused veg ever, not since he started eating solid food. For about a year now he’s had an apple every day and he regularly ate carrot, melon, peas, sweetcorn and avocado. I had no trouble getting him to eat 3-5 portions of fruit/veg every day. Now all I hear is “I don’t like X”.

Dh said to try starving him which I did last week but he just woke up in the middle of the night hungry. Because he is autistic the normal bribes/rewards don’t work and I am concerned that he might just stop eating these things forever (that is the way it is autistic kids.) His diet is pretty limited anyway so this is a big loss to him apart from the obvious health benefits. Fortunately he is still drinking fruit juices – today he had fresh apple and orange juice and I have got some multivitamin fruit juice but he may not like that. Am considering a juicer if this goes on much longer. Of course it is the school holidays now and I am due a baby in 3-4 weeks time just to complicate things!

Sorry for the essay – just wondered if anyone else had had this problem with teething and if it was just a ‘phase’, I know it’s hard to compare an autistic child with an NT one but any advice/info would be appreciated. Thanks.

emily05 Tue 05-Jul-05 19:41:20

The only things I can think of are:
a vitamin supplement (although that juice sounds good)
could you sneak veg in his food - like make a pasta sauce and puree some mixed veg in with tomatoes (iyswim)
a juicer is great. Ds wont eat veg - so I juice carrot into his orange juice!

sorry I couldnt be more help. x good luck x

Eulalia Wed 06-Jul-05 09:29:12

Thanks emily. He did have little of that multivit juice last night. Its from Lidl, only 65p a litre. He'd not have pasta sauce. Common to autism he doesn't like food mixed up so will eat plain pasta, and all the rest of the food separate like peas and little sausages for example.

Anyone else???

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