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What to do with Gnocchi??

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swiperfox Tue 05-Jul-05 17:08:48

I am a pasta fiend, i love it and I've never tried gnocchi so i bought some but am wondering what will be the best thing to do with it......anyone got any favs?

fishfinger Tue 05-Jul-05 17:10:09

melterd butter nad parmean

KBear Tue 05-Jul-05 17:10:22

I just make a tomato sauce with mushrooms and onions and pour over the gnocchi and top with grated cheese. simple and delish!!

stitch Tue 05-Jul-05 17:10:30

eat it

madmarchhare Tue 05-Jul-05 17:11:14

Creamy sauce with wild mushrooms and rocket is how I had it in Italy. Very nice it was.

fishfinger Tue 05-Jul-05 17:11:33


shudder still not back ont hat since a pregnancy aversion

snafu Tue 05-Jul-05 17:49:03

Bake it with a creamy cheesy sauce and shedloads of parmesan on the top.

Or cook it and mix with pancetta, mushrooms and black olives. A few thin slices of mozzarella on the top, under a hot grill until the moz bubbles.

Serve both with crispy green sald to off-set the fact that this is about a week's worth of calories, carbs and cholesterol (if you do it right)

I love gnocchi.

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