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fab POrk a dn apple burgers

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fishfinger Mon 04-Jul-05 18:23:39

went to a cookery demo to day at waitrose ( no alcool in sight) and there was a man pushing his new book here

on recip I tried out was the porka dna pple burgers which the dsses ( non apple eaters) loved

its pork mince mixed up with tny diced onion
tomato puree to make them go dark in colour and grated apple oh adn a handful of breadcrumbs

shape into patties and fry in bog standard olive oil.

also freeze well.

he also made felafel (YUM) and a pizza base that used nat yogurt as the rasing agenst rather than yeast.
the book loooked good too - recipes ofr babies and older kids and family type meals

fishfinger Mon 04-Jul-05 18:25:26

Oh and irl he loked exacly the same as little cook

sallystrawberry Mon 04-Jul-05 18:31:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

badvole Mon 04-Jul-05 18:43:43

Yum, sound lovely! As do felafel (I dedicated a whole thread to how lovely felafel are the other night!)

Snurk at vole with ASBO from other thread, Cod

Puff Mon 04-Jul-05 18:50:26

Will get book, especially as it's reduced, thanks fisho.

Enid Mon 04-Jul-05 19:17:27


although waitrose sell rather nice pork and apple burgers which I buy. Book looks good.

anyone got that Gordon Ramsay one? The 'easy' one?

fishfinger Mon 04-Jul-05 20:53:03

yes I love those too enid but am sure hease are healther - ratehr wished we wre eating wiht the kids too

lol at vole - wonder why you didnt see thta at the time! I can arrange one for oyu if you like?

hunkermunker Mon 04-Jul-05 20:54:59

Eek! Am HM again, in order to evade ASBOs from a scary fish

hunkermunker Mon 04-Jul-05 20:55:32

LOL, Enid - Gordon Ramsay and "easy" in one post - LGJ will be in heaven when she sees that

fishfinger Tue 05-Jul-05 08:59:52

bump for morning posse of healthy eaters

fishfinger Tue 05-Jul-05 19:51:45


cod Sat 20-Aug-05 17:36:26

Message withdrawn

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