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Quick ......before I puree my potatoes!!!!

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dizzymama Mon 04-Jul-05 17:03:03

I'm sure I recall some friends telling me that Anabel Karmel(sp?)suggests you don't puree potatoes but mash them through a sieve instead. Can anyone tell me why? I pureed the first lot but am reticent to do this lot without knowing why!

rickman Mon 04-Jul-05 17:04:15

Message withdrawn

GeorginaA Mon 04-Jul-05 17:04:44

They go like glue - really horrid.

QueenOfQuotes Mon 04-Jul-05 17:05:14

it can go VERY gloopy if you blend/puree it - not very nice (I tried it once before I even had kids to make 'mashed potato' - it then went straight into the bin before even hitting the dinner plate

dizzymama Mon 04-Jul-05 17:07:23

So if she likes it done that way is it ok to feed it to her? Don't want to poison the baby!!!

QueenOfQuotes Mon 04-Jul-05 17:08:00

yes if she likes it - it's not dangerous - just doesn't taste (or look IMO) very nice

SoupDragon Mon 04-Jul-05 17:08:36

It won't poison her, no.

Get a potato ricer though - they're fab.

dizzymama Mon 04-Jul-05 17:09:03

Thanks guys!
QOQ I agree it looks hideous but Dd seems to lap it up and it's much easier!

dizzymama Mon 04-Jul-05 17:09:32

SD what on earth is one of those? (I love a good kitchen gadget!)

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