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Pls Help me cook beef joint in slow cooker- am not a natural cook!!

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wheresmypaddle Fri 15-Jan-10 09:50:46

I have bought a beef joint (rolled brisket) .83kg (about size of very big grapefruit).

Want to cook it whole in my slow cooker (think its a 6.5L- joint looks rather small now!). I have been inspired by reading about other MNers melt in the mouth beef joints!!

Can anyone give me an idiots guide as to what setting, how long, and how much liquid and any other ideas like maybe adding some veg (have carrots, parsnips and potatoes).

The recipe book that came wth the slow cooker suggests covering the meat and veg in liquid, simmering for 5 min then adding all into cooker including all the water- but having read some threads on here I don't think that sounds like the best thing to do.

Many thanks.......

dreamingofsun Fri 15-Jan-10 10:46:48

slow cookers are very forgiving - they work on the sling it all in style of cooking! If I have a lump of beef I just put it in and add say a cupful or liquid - stock, or beer, or wine. you could add other things - onions, garlic, carrots, celery, herbs, mushrooms - chopped- for flavour. maybe teaspoon of mustard for oomph. i don't add pots as they don't tend to cook - stay hard and never tried parsnips so dont know. tin of chopped toms maybe

not sure about your settings - i have high/low/auto. if you only have say 4 hours ish then you probably need to use high, if its more 8 hours ish then low. auto starts off as high and then once going nicely reduces to low.

you need to add much less liquid than you would in the oven. if it looks too liquidy towards the end, either tip some out or add gravy granules or flour mixed with some cold water. if i was doing a joint i could get away with couple of eggcup fulls of liquid - though i normally add more so i don't have to bother with gravy

i don't bother with simmering first or browning - too much like hard work - and no-one every complains.

let us know how it goes please

mehdismummy Fri 15-Jan-10 10:58:45

i cook my roast beef joint in mine every week! i just chuck mine in at 9am with seasoning and drizzle of olive oil at 9am and leave it on until when re ready 2 eat! the brisket cooks really well, i also do my lamb in it!

wheresmypaddle Fri 15-Jan-10 15:41:06

Thank you both- put it in at 11.30 with onions, garlic, herbs, smeared mustard on it & then added a little stock.

Its smelling pretty good now, will let you know how it goes.....

wheresmypaddle Fri 15-Jan-10 22:17:46

Though I would report back. Joint was lovely, sort of fell apart, ate it with mashed potatoes and cabbage.

DP & DS loved it. DP is already planning a lovely sandwich with the leftovers. I feel quite proud of myself having, for one night only, achieved Domestic Godess status- so thanks for helping me out!!

wheresmypaddle Fri 15-Jan-10 22:29:37

Sorry - thought not though.

Goober Fri 15-Jan-10 22:33:45

Last time I did a joint in mine I cooked it in water for 4 hours, took it out and carved it, then put sliced meat back into the water/stock with gravy granules for a further 4 hours. Lush.

dreamingofsun Sat 16-Jan-10 12:06:59

glad it worked so well. you can do it with all sorts of meat joints and brown them in the oven at the end if you wish.

littlemissebbs Sat 04-Feb-17 18:43:04

I've brought a joint of beef for Sunday dinner but I want to cook it in my slow cooker how long does everyone think i should cook it for on low, my partner leaves for work at 8am and finishes around 5.30 so would like it ready for when he gets home what would be the ideal time to do it in?

Notso Sat 04-Feb-17 19:06:03

At around 8/9 am I usually brown whatever joint it is in the slow cooker pot and add a glass of wine or beer and the same of stock plus onions, carrots, leeks, celery and herbs. Bring it to the boil on the hob then cook on medium until ready to eat.
I take the meat out to rest and carve then blend the liquid and veg with a couple of spoonfuls of flour, I seive it , taste for seasoning then bring back to the boil on the hob.

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