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Comfort food recipes for teething (?) lacklustre 10 month old

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Gem13 Tue 10-Jun-03 16:43:42

Anyone got any suggestions on how to tempt my DS back into eating?

Up until last week he ate anything and everything and lots of it but now he's refusing nearly all of his food. Potato is the most disgusting thing ever and bread gets chewed a bit and then pulled out again to be examined. The crunch came at lunchtime when he refused to open his mouth for a strawberry.

I presume it's because he's teething but he seems a bit fed up in himself (can 10 month olds be melancholic?!) so I am after nice comfort food recipes that will tempt his appetite.

All suggestions would be appreciated. Oh, our oven is broken BTW but we do have a microwave.

SamboM Tue 10-Jun-03 16:45:26

Aaaaah, poor little thing! I don't know I'm afraid as my dd is only 9 months.

My dd's comfort food is baby rice mixed with formula! When she is grotty I give her that and she gobbles it down.

runragged Tue 10-Jun-03 19:16:12

Freezing things seems to be great for teething babies. Mine loved bananas (lolly stick in each end half or third banana) which be warned makes a load of mess but give enormous satisfation. Other suggestions I have heard is frozen 1/4 lengths of cucumber and melon are also popular.

It might sound disgusting but when my ds went through a phase like this he would eat Prune and Oatmeal (got recipe off Baby organix site), he would have eaten it all day every day but obviously you need to watch the movement at the other end!!! (I made it and froze it)

What else? Mashed potato mixed with white cheese sauce so that it is quite runny. Pitta bread (nice and chewy) Can't really remember what 10 month olds eat but what about slices of cheese, orange and cheddar,

Oh and when all else failed I used to hold the fromage frais tub in front of the food and pretend I was feeding him yogurt(!) once he got wise to that I just mixed the Petit filous in with the savoury (yuccckkk - but he used to eat all of it!)

Gem13 Tue 10-Jun-03 19:37:17

Thanks for these. Might go back to baby rice - ahhh, he hasn't had that for ages!

Frozen fruit sound good too - must try the melon. Bananas have been the only thing we know he will eat.

Having said that, DH took him swimming tonight to cheer him up (and work up an appetite) and he came home and ate our last night leftovers of liver and onions (it's a nice recipe honest with Lea and Perrins, carrots and bacon!) and mashed potato. Hurrah! First meal that isn't banana or Weetabix for 6 days!

Will probably be baby rice and bananas tomorrow...

sassy Mon 16-Jun-03 13:23:13

How about jelly? Nice and cold on sore gums, dissolves easily. Obviously not very nutritious, but it might get him back in the habit of liking food again.

sam76 Wed 23-Jul-03 11:24:19

I make ice pops using newborn dummys, the ones that have the covers to keep them sterile fill the cover with boiled water or baby juice put the dummy in and freeze, both my children have loved them and the dummy gives them something to hold.

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