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Is there something about honey being risky....

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lemonice Sun 03-Jul-05 17:57:37

I have ds staying for a few days and noticed we have some nice honey in the cupboard, but I have an idea that there is something about it He is 14 months old...anybody know?

lemonice Sun 03-Jul-05 17:58:27

Sorry dgs not ds!!!

Twiglett Sun 03-Jul-05 17:58:49

avoid for under a year after that it should be fine

but I wouldn't give it to a baby / toddler .. its basically sugar and its unneccessary to accustom them to it

lilaclotus Sun 03-Jul-05 17:59:27

they say not to give it before 1 year old. i honestly can't remember why though.

kama Sun 03-Jul-05 18:01:05

Message withdrawn

lilaclotus Sun 03-Jul-05 18:01:42

ahhh that was it!

lemonice Sun 03-Jul-05 18:01:47

I thought i might make a fruit pudding with a bit of sponge on the top with honey instead of sugar, but you're probably right not really necessary...

lemonice Sun 03-Jul-05 18:02:27

Thanks I am now put off the idea totally!!!!

Twiglett Sun 03-Jul-05 18:16:42

oo fruit pudding .. lucky DGS

kama Sun 03-Jul-05 18:17:23

Message withdrawn

SoupDragon Sun 03-Jul-05 19:35:35

It's OK if they're over 1 though.

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