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Who of you are meal planners? Can you help please?

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Merlot Sun 03-Jul-05 11:48:15

I remember reading a thread, about six months ago, about meal planning.

Someone - who are you please? Had this idea, which really appealed to me about planning meals for 4 weeks at a time - along the lines of 4 chicken dinners, 4 veggie dishes, 4 fish dishes etc.. and then they ordered everything on line.

I'm really keen to have a go at this...and have been searching desperately through the archives for the original thread which had loads of hints and tints...but to no avail.

Can anyone help me find it please?

Merlot Sun 03-Jul-05 11:56:21

Found it hooray - for those of you who wondering what I was on about here is the link:-

meal planning ideas

starrynight Sun 03-Jul-05 12:56:27

Thanks, Merlot that is really useful. I already do this and it really takes the pressure off and is cheaper.

My problem is I don't like cooking and have a very limited skill range so am getting fed up of same old same old. This link has ideas that I may be able to do though so ta!

GeorginaA Sun 03-Jul-05 12:58:48

Lol Merlot.

Can I add another tip? I've come to the conclusion that for variety sake, it works best in our family to only plan ahead 6 days meals out of the 7 then leave the 7th as a "when I do the shopping" decision - that way you get some spontenaity still (and enjoy the whole "food" process) without as much of the effort.

Still haven't got around to making a pivot table though...

WideWebWitch Sun 03-Jul-05 12:58:57

Is that the thread where Prufrock admits to her menu lists being linked to her shopping list via a pivot table? Impressive, that!

WideWebWitch Sun 03-Jul-05 13:01:17

Starrynight, an old but good dinner idea thread here

starrynight Sun 03-Jul-05 13:19:25

Thanks WWW - will look through that in a bit.

I don't know what a 'pivot' table is but that all sounds v. impressive!

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