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water melon help please

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fairydust Sat 02-Jul-05 15:14:47

can child (3b yrs old) eat the pip's out of a water melon dd loves to eat it off the green but if i burrow all the pips out they'll nothing left to eat?

lucy5 Sat 02-Jul-05 15:16:27

Dont know, can't see it would harm though. You could make a game of spitting them out, bit messy though

fairydust Sat 02-Jul-05 15:18:22

anyone else know

kid Sat 02-Jul-05 15:24:51

found this....

Watermelon Seeds

Contrary to popular belief eating watermelon seeds does not cause a watermelon to grow in your stomach. Actually, in some cultures it is popular to bake the seeds and then eat them.

Over 1,200 varieties of watermelon are grown worldwide. Every part of a watermelon is edible, even the seeds and rinds.

fairydust Sat 02-Jul-05 15:26:27

thanks kid

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