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Alannah Fri 01-Jul-05 15:43:07

Hi all, I just wanted to reccommend Wharburtons Seeded Batch Bread.Does anyone else here love this bread as much as I do?

I don't normally rave about a product but I think this bread is fab and dd loves it and I'm happy to give her as much as she wants as it's packed full of fibre and ergo really good for her.

I think it's a low gi food too so as soon as I get around to going on the diet I'll probably live on it . the only problem is that my local Tesco don't stock it and I have to go to Waitrose especially and always overspend when I'm there

So does anyone else have any great products that they would reccommend to Mumsnetters?

Fran1 Fri 01-Jul-05 15:56:55

I love that bread too!

Bought it accidently and will always get it now.

They sell it in Asda.

Alannah Fri 01-Jul-05 21:55:14

Another really great product -Clipper Fairtrade teabags - almost as nice as Barry's

skerriesmum Fri 01-Jul-05 22:07:28

I love the Tesco Finest yogurts with real cream in them; really good flavours, like wild blueberry and white peach. Yummmm. And Bachelors Beans with Sun Dried Tomatoes, they make the best beans on toast!

Alannah Fri 01-Jul-05 22:59:13

Sun dried tomatoes in baked beans - genius

saadia Fri 01-Jul-05 23:07:43

I've had that bread too alannah, it is lovely but are you sure it's wholemeal? There was one delicious bread I had which looked wholemeal but when I read the fine print was actually white - can't remember if it was Warburtons or something else.

Alannah Fri 01-Jul-05 23:53:35

Don't know about the wholemeal as it just says wheat flour on the ingredients - well spotted saadia, but it has lots of seeds so I expect that it's pretty good for you anyway

saadia Sat 02-Jul-05 08:49:12

yes, it is delish

saadia Sat 02-Jul-05 08:49:13

yes, it is delish

Yorkiegirl Sat 02-Jul-05 09:15:46

Message withdrawn

Alannah Sat 02-Jul-05 09:20:41

Oh God, I knew it had to be too good to be true

Yorkiegirl Sat 02-Jul-05 09:23:05

Message withdrawn

fsmail Sat 02-Jul-05 11:29:01

Don't worry. It could be that the fat is from the seeds which are a good source of fat and therefore as long as you are not overdoing it - could still be good for you. Worth checking with the manufacturers if you are concerned but love the fat. They may be able to give you more of a breakdown

angelkiss Sat 02-Jul-05 13:25:41

think fsmail is right as the saturated fat content is pretty low in comparison to the overall fat content.
mind you just had mine with bacon & egg between it so don't think i can be bothering too much :0

angelkiss Sat 02-Jul-05 13:26:08

Alannah Sat 02-Jul-05 13:33:50

Yes the inch of peanut butter on mine probably negates any benefits from the bread

Alannah Sat 02-Jul-05 21:01:56

Another truely fab product Waitrose Spanish Black Olives a la Greque - I use olives alot in sauces and salads and these are great 'cause they have loads of flavour, are easy to stone and are reasonably priced. Crespo do a jar of dry black olives that are good too.

lunachic Sat 02-Jul-05 21:46:51

i have just discovered hovis white granary
its yum full of seeds and malted grains -like the warbutons seeded loaf too -think its a good way to get those all important seeds into your diet

other great products are seeds of change organic sauces the sweet and sour is to die for- real veg and pineapple in it- nothing like that gloopy msg ridden sh*t from the takeaway
go organic thai sauces are amazing too -get them in tesco

lunachic Sat 02-Jul-05 22:40:30

peter rabbit organic baby food- pricey but good
got the ketchup which is no sugar/ dark red (not bright like heinz) and was very suprised when ds liked it and didnt complain
baby organix snack bars and crisps-quite cheap at asda

Alannah Sat 02-Jul-05 22:50:03

Yes I really like the Seeds of Change stuff and have just bought some Peter Rabbit juice for dd - great minds lunachic

lunachic Sat 02-Jul-05 22:56:23

youve got me going all olivey-im out for a jar of black olive tapenade tommorrow

lunachic Sat 02-Jul-05 23:00:04

not tried p rabbit juice will look out for it

has anyone tried the skinny cow dessers -was sort of dissappointed at the choc fodge icecream lolly but at 70 cals its not going to taste like hagendaaz or even a magnum is it !

wondered what else they did and anything was recommended-i hate artificial sweetners though yak

lunachic Sat 02-Jul-05 23:00:24

desserts not dessers !

Yorkiegirl Sun 03-Jul-05 13:17:53

Message withdrawn

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